Natural Healer

Natural Healer

You are a natural healer, but to the extent you believe suffering is real, your energy of awareness is given to perpetuate suffering.

Specifically, suffering is a state of mind, and the more energy given to any state of mind, the more prevalent that state of mind becomes. The more prevalent any state of mind, the more powerful your energy of awareness is pulled toward it and into it.

The more fearful the state of mind, the more mental energy that must be employed to sustain it, and mental energy resists Divine energy - which is your capacity to heal all suffering in your world.

In this way, perception of suffering is really your opportunity to align your energy with acceptance, appreciation, peace and love; thereby creating a new momentum that allows your energy of awareness to transcend layers of fearful mind and be a conduit for healing energy.

There is no suffering that goes unhealed, and no prayer unanswered. Align your energy with the eternal presence of peace, and allow healing to happen now.

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