New Insight Into the Nature of Life Reveals That Happy Relationships Don’t Automatically Happen to People

An individual’s relationships with other people is a reflection of their relationship with Life, but since most people don’t realize this, they spend their lives searching and waiting endlessly for someone to make them happy.

When one person meets another whom they think to be capable of providing the happiness being craved, there’s a feeling of excited attachment that many mistake for love. This false love eventually wears off as each person’s ideas about how the other will fulfill them are shattered by Reality.

Humanity’s astounding rate of failure in this regard is the result of conditioning over thousands of years, whereby consciousness has been led to believe that happiness depends on other people’s behavior. This belief denies a person’s inherent worth and leads them to cling to other people in the hopes that the other person will fulfill their craving for happiness.

This idea that happiness comes from anything that a person can add to their self is the lie that holds them apart from the deeply loving relationships that they crave. Specifically, this idea reduces Love to a concept whereby the other person is expected to behave within the constructs of that concept.

Since no person can live up to a concept over any period of time, false love eventually turns to hurt feelings, blame and hate. Until one realizes that true love is only found within, they go on to repeat the same pattern with the next person – each time becoming more jaded and subjecting themselves to more painful experiences.

But there is another way to approach relationships, and that is to cultivate the relationship one has with Life. To do this is simple, but not necessarily easy.

Specifically, one has only to allow their self and all others to be exactly as they are. In this way, True Love can enter through the doorway of perception and lead consciousness toward deeper and more meaningful experiences of Love.

The experience of pain in a relationship is an opportunity for one to look honestly at the underlying ideas about how their self and/or the other person should be. But first, one must consciously recognize that all ideas are false concepts that create limitations where there are none.

The moment one observes the ideas that are creating pain in their lives, those ideas are released from the psyche, and happiness prevails. As one continues to drop their self limiting ideas, their consciousness becomes more aligned with Love, and they attract all the people and behavior that reflect this new state of consciousness.

To effectuate this new state of consciousness one must remain calm during relationship crises so that they can recognize what’s holding Love back. As this can be very difficult from the perspective of conditioned mind, Miracle Botanicals has created Prosperity Formula – a pure essential oil blend containing plant spirits that inspire calmness, creativity, love and wisdom.

This formula has been Reiki charged and continues to be Reiki charged by Hope Johnson to amplify its benefits. By inhaling this formula regularly, one is reminded of their greater essence and their inherent ability to create the Love affair of their dreams.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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  1. Michelle Kunz
    July 11, 2012

    I really like the concept that we can observe our own conditioned thinking by being in relationship with others. In fact, is there really any other way to do this? I think not. So the gift of relationships is that we CAN see ourselves and our way of looking at the world through the mirror of the relationship. As we experience both loving and painful feelings, we can see ourselves — our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world — and get clarity on what serves us and what does not. Thank you for also acknowledging that it is both simple and not always easy to shift our way of being in relationships so that we experience more love.


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