No Method

No method is needed, not even meditation.

Meditation is the practice of being physically situated in a quiet setting while releasing mental content as it arises. However, the crux of the matter is to give you the ability to consciously direct the thought waves of the mind HereNow – not to accumulate time spent practicing or to get that practice just right.

If you don’t enjoy meditation and make your self do it anyways (or judge your self for not doing it) you deny your own spirit – thus resisting your own awakening.

Specifically, spiritual practice is whatever creates an opening in awareness for spirit to fill. Whether it be meditation, bathing, walking, sunbathing, appreciating nature, yoga etc –  when in the state of relaxed enjoyment, space is allowed between mental commentary; and in that space, the spirit that is You enters awareness.

Conversely, the perceived ‘need’ for any method of practice creates a more (or less depending on your beliefs) spiritual self image, thus requiring additional mental activity to uphold the false sense of self – which actually resists the presence of spirit and creates dis-ease. In this way, it’s common to believe that one needs to meditate more in order to attain more peace, a better life, enlightenment, etc..

However, this belief in itself judges and thereby gives credence to the self image – the only hinderance to spiritual awakening.

Whether you enJoy a structured method of spiritual practice or not, the point is to relax mental concepts of self, not to create a more spiritual self. To the extent control over the self is released, space is being allowed for You to be more fully ‘who you are’.

Notwithstanding any practice, the true test and opportunity to refine your abilities comes in the moment of ‘triggered’ (uncomfortable/painful) emotion. When you remain devoted to relaxing mental concepts while in the grips of emotion, you allow progress that is exponentially more profound than countless hours of meditation or any other spiritual practice.

Perfect practice is the release of mental tension HereNow. Forget what you think you’ve done or what you think you need to do and practice perfectly in this moment – the only one you can ever experience.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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