No-thing to Accept

Acceptance is not something to be done by you. The essence of ‘who you are’ is the Loving Acceptance from which all things arise in your experience.

The mind entertains you with likes and dislikes according to your unique life experience – and your life experience only consists of every perception you have given meaning to before. In this way, the perceived need to accept anything gives meaning to whatever the mind is interpreting as unpleasant/disliked/unloved, thus holding you in resistance to your present experience.

This is the mind’s way of moving you through a life experience, but you are not the mind – nor are you bound to serve the mind. To the extent you are believing the mind’s ideas about how you ‘should’ be thinking or feeling, your energy of awareness is positioned in service to the mind.

You don’t think or feel anything! Thoughts and feelings come into your awareness and then move on. The meaning that you give to thoughts and feelings is what keeps them looping around and around in your awareness.

The simplicity of being has NO meaning and includes no-thing that the mind can identify you with. When you just stop taking ANY mental positions, the mind can finally serve You as a clear and powerful tool for creating incomprehensible pleasure and joy.

There is nothing to do but relax, release, breathe and let you be as you are. You are Brilliant!!

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