Not by Works

Because the majority of humans identify with a false sense of self, most of us sacrifice Being in favor of doing.

We have conditioned ourselves to believe that hard work and struggle is the way to create a meaningful life. In accordance with those beliefs, we sacrifice our health, happiness and peace of mind to meet the expectations for ‘success’ and ‘service’ created in the mind.

But our real power is our creativity, not physical or mental prowess. Our human abilities to calculate and act are only tools for the maneuvering of form toward that which has already been created in thought. To the extent calculation and/or action is substituted for creativity, humanity creates their own suffering.

Since most of us have been conditioned to project thought energy that reflects our beliefs in physical labor and/or mental manipulation as a means to create a life, we wind up working ourselves into mental and physical dis-ease in our endeavor to attain a fleeting sense of self worth. Fear and fatigue permeate the being when awareness is focused in a competitive state of mind because awareness is the conduit for source energy, and the more awareness is mired with belief created out of judgment that separation is real, the more the conduit to the Breath of Life is constricted.

When we work ourselves into what feels like bondage, it’s because our energy of awareness has been constricted and thus we are not allowing the essence of freedom/clarity/peace to penetrate perception – it’s like having our back to the sun and believing the shadow we cast to be the only reality. This limited vision causes many people to eventually resign their self to a life of mental, physical and spiritual dissatisfaction because they can see no other way.

In a state of delusion, the mind presents thoughts that point out all the circumstantial difficulties between what we are and what we wish we could be, while condemning people whom we perceive as greedy, selfish, unfair, spoiled or abusive. Then we may endeavor to work feverishly toward what we think we deserve and/or use mental manipulation to control people or situations.

Any ‘success’ while in a state of delusion creates difficulty in the attainment and the journey to that attainment is fraught with feelings of guilt, greed, deprivation and resentment which do not naturally subside after ‘success’ is declared. In an effort to feel better, many ‘successful’ people create a ‘charitable’ self image by giving money to causes or offering service to help the so-called less fortunate. However, since a delusional person’s ‘charity’ is only an extension of the same ignorance that led to the benefactor’s dis-ease (ie: fearful beliefs are taken as true), even in their effort to be helpful, one only creates more dis-ease.

The truth is that every single person on Earth is born into this material environment as powerful creators, not by our own works but through honoring all desires, devotion to the truth of ‘who we are’, and willingness to take inspired and detached action when opportunity to share our unique gifts is presented. This means that if action cannot be offered as a labor of love (without expectation), rest and rejuvenation are in order until inspiration returns.

Through the persistent surrendering of perception to thoughts that align with the soul, especially in moments of delusion (fearful beliefs are taken to be true), one allows perception to be inspired, and the action steps which facilitate the ‘evidence’ of that inspiration become obvious and feel Joyful.

Until we are able to sacrifice the egocentric need for self meaning, we cannot fully experience the blessings and beauty that we have come forth to create. By releasing the idea that we have to do anything at all, we re-learn to enjoy being in the present moment without worry or despair; and Life is allowed to flow in a manner that commands peace of mind and manifestations of like kind.

Be true to the Real You and let your presence be a testament to the Love that you are.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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