Seeing Only Love

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EveryOne is pure Love and desirous of experiencing mutually Loving interaction with You. However, the mind can only create perception of ‘others’ according to the cumulative of that which has already been considered from your perspective and taken to be true.


In this way, you can’t really harm or offend anyOne; and you are in no real danger of being harmed or offended by anyOne. Nevertheless, individualized forms of awareness (people) may make themselves feel harmed or offended by their perception of you; and likewise you may feel harmed or offended by your perception of them.


However, every expression emerges from the One that is only Love, and what’s perceived is just a story made up in the mind.


To the extent you are afraid that your behavior may harm or offend anyOne (or that their behavior may harm or offend you), your pure essence (Love) is being distorted by mental concepts – which creates the feeling of confinement and emotional dis-ease – and is expressed in the material world as such.


The energetic connection between people who have shared relations is such that when thoughts of the ‘other’ cross your awareness, the emotional energy that you project is a force that not only affects your life experience, but it influences the ‘other’ to see their self from the same emotional point of view – especially as it relates to their interactions with you.


Make it your intent to recognize that, despite what you perceive, the ‘other’ can only Love you to the best of their ability according to what you are allowing; and that your only offering is Love. If you are uncomfortable or afraid of anyOne, make physical space, and as thoughts of them arise in your awareness, be receptive to seeing them in the mind’s eye as only Loving – whatever mental imagery feels Loving from your unique perspective.


In this way, you are using your energetic connection with individual forms to transcend layers of mind, while vibrationally inviting them to do the same – thus allowing for the experience of Loving relations to expand in your perception and in the perception of everyOne within your sphere of influence.

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