Parents Frustrated with Wiggly Kids

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What do you know about a parent’s frustration with wiggly kids? Parents who are frustrated with wiggly kids hold a belief that kids should not wiggle – it’s the same belief they were conditioned with as children – and now they think they need to control their own kids in order to make them behave the ‘right’ way.

Why are they often frustrated with their inability to sit still especially when doing homework or another task that requires concentration? Forcing children to sit still and concentrate sets them up for a lifetime of doing things that they are not passionate about. Specifically, the body of a child is made to move…a lot, but many times the conventional education system and conditioned parent decide against what’s natural and healthy for the child. This in turn teaches the child to ignore his/her innate guidance system, and go along with the crowd instead. This is the beginning of mental and physical dis-ease.

Why do some kids need to wiggle/move constantly? Some children need to wiggle and move constantly because that’s what they are doing. It’s up to the parent to communicate with their child and to facilitate activities that make joyful use of that energy. When children do not want to sit still and do homework or anything else, that’s because they do not need to be doing them.

Can an argument be made that it helps them focus? Yes. It helps them to focus when kids are allowed to move according to their instinct. It helps them to focus on the only thing that has enduring value – Life as experienced through nature of their soul – instead of through a set of conditioned beliefs about how they should act.

What is the typical result of a parent telling their child to stop wiggling? The typical result of a parent telling a child to stop wiggling is frustration – a sure sign that one is moving in opposition to the truth.

How would you suggest the parent approaches this situation? Let them wiggle as much as they want. When the child is done wiggling they will stop, and if the child becomes interested in the information the parent is trying to present, it will be made obvious.

Something that can help a parent face their own frustration while allowing the child to be who they are is Pure Essential Oil of Rose. Rose essential oil opens the heart and encourages a person to operate from a place of love and wholeness while exposing the untruth of rigid conditioning about how kids ‘should’ act.

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