Part of God

God SkyI am part of the real God. Not like those tyrant gods invented by human mind, who rule people and demand to be worshiped.

We are all part of both the creator and the creation – which are always evolving. Loving everything is the form of worship that directs all creativity toward an increasingly joyful reality.

The gifts of insight and understanding (which we give to ourselves) allow us to live from our souls. Without them, we simply become possessed by the rational mind.

Its true that when we live from the heart, our lives and our world continue to improve. But when we live from the head, we do not suffer a wrath from an external oppressor.

We simply attract experiences that match our frequency. The closer we are to being ourselves, the better our lives become.

If reading or discussing these things feels uncomfortable, there is something in our belief system not making sense -which could cause physical and emotional blockages.

Only through exposure to our own consciousness can we begin to unravel the self created by mind, and allow our true selves to be preeminent. It doesn’t matter whether we give God a persona or not.

It’s more important that our beliefs are strong and flexible enough to be exposed and challenged regularly.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information

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