Past has no Power

During our lifetimes, we have many opportunities to learn from the circumstances we experience. Wisdom is the integration of past lessons with awareness, but there is no value in contemplating whether anything ever went wrong.

Specifically, thinking about anything we have labeled as “wrong” or “bad” evokes emotions that project certain energetic patterns; and whatever we project is attracted toward us. This means that as we focus on what we have created in the past, we are re-creating similar vibratory patterns in the present.

Those patterns extend forward to attract that the circumstances and events that harmonize with them vibrationally.

If we mostly use the present moment to review the past, we bind ourselves to repeat what has already been created. But in any moment, we can decide that the past was perfect – and start focusing on what we are creating now.

By shifting mental focus to what feels Joyful in the present moment, our creativity is being directed toward what we would consider an improvement to our present situation or circumstance.

We are only bound to the past to the extent that we keep re-creating it in the present, but the power of creativity is within each individual to do with as they please – irrespective of anything that has already been created.

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  1. e-eric
    May 17, 2010

    Yes! Forget and forgive you past, and that of others! Yes, our subconscious records all we have done, but the Grreat Superhuman Forgiveness, covers all, just as Love does, and so, as you say, we can creat new postive reactions to things that come to mind, even in challenging times, to bring and keep the victory we need and seek.


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