Peace with Disease

Apparently my body is down with adrenal and thyroid deficiency, and least that’s what the test results show. My heart also seems to be working much harder than usual. 
I find myself laying down a lot since getting up makes me feel faint. I’m also experiencing nausea and bodily pains. 
I’ve been fasting on Tony’s homemade chicken broth, water and a little raw kefir, plus taking some supplements prescribed by an adorable ND. 
I don’t know when and if my body will recover, but I’m sure getting some awesome care, and I’m laying around in some super luxurious silk pajamas.
I’ve also been playing my harp whenever there is energy and inspiration for it. 
Please do Not pray for my body to recover or get well. Even as apparently healthy choices are being made through me and I seem to be on the road to recovery/wellness, I’m not asking for anything to happen. 
If you would like to pray about it, I ask that you pray for forgiveness of judgment. 
Please don’t judge yourself by praying for me to be better than your perception of me right now. Doing so only defiles the mind and multiplies appearances of bodies that get diseased, bleed and die. 
If it’s the will of consciousness/God, this body will recover. If not it won’t. It makes no difference to me. 
Illness really happens to nobody, and there is nobody here to mind it one bit. The appearance of my body is being enjoyed even while lying on its back and even when writhing in pain. 
For me, nothing is happening, except witnessing the presence of awareness and receiving/sharing the love that’s the source of all…this is the body’s true purpose, and it can be fulfilled in every instant irrespective of apparent physical health or dis-ease. 
I am perfect peace, and nothing can weaken or harm Me. 
With fragrant lavender blessings!

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