Perception of Blame

I have no typical response to feeling blamed. I only allow myself to experience the feeling, and bear witness to whatever response arises through myself and through the others in my field of perception.

Through faith in miracles of healing and grace that I had yet to see for myself, I practiced like this with minimal returns at first. But over time, I have experienced countless instances of love being instantly restored between myself and others.

For me, the feeling of being blamed doesn’t have the same quality that it use to because I’m aware right away that the blame I feel has nothing to do with me….And immediately my mind becomes curious as to how it can witness whatever false illusions are making blame feel like reality right now.

Recently, I had an encounter with this very thing. I told the person that it seemed like they were trying to make me wrong, and that person admitted that they felt wrong in response to a question I had asked.

I assured them that the question was only a request, and not intended to make anyone seem wrong. We both witnessed what was making blame seem like reality, the feeling of blame was resolved in favor of love…and of course connection between people was restored.

In love!

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