Perception is Everything

There is no truth to anything, and everything is created out of belief. Perception is everything, and most of it occurs in the subconscious mind. There is no need to deny that anything is happening Рindeed denial and repression only create more of what one is trying to deny or repress.

The key to using perception to create peace is acceptance of ‘What is’. Acceptance is born out of the realization that everything perceived is the physical culmination of all thought energy that has been projected before.

The things that ‘happen’ are not really fortunate or unfortunate, they are a blessing of physical manifestation that precisely reflect back the states of mind that have been created by consciousness. The opportunity to create peace is in the moment of disturbing thought – where one can feel the emotion that has been evoked by perception, remember that consciousness is responsible for all that IS, and embrace their feeling with silence of thought.

This evokes God Consciousness (ie all encompassing love), which creates a wave of compassion in the body, immediately dissolving one’s disturbing feelings. By allowing disturbance to be replaced with compassion, one’s energy shifts from projecting for more dis-ease to projecting for love/peace/joy.

With practice and persistence, one begins to notice a more peaceful mind, and the more peaceful the mind becomes, the more peaceful the world becomes. After all the world is only a reflection of mind – there is only one mind – and the mind is not separate from who ‘we’ are.

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