Perception and Judgment

Perception and Judgment

Yesterday I went hiking in a bathing suit and hiking boots. I thought the combo looked funny, but I decided I didn't mind.

When I mentioned that the bathing suit and hiking boots look funny, someone told me that was a judgment.

Here's the subtle nuance that I see between perception and judgment:

It's my perception that the hiking boots and bathing suit combo is funny looking. I can trust my perception because that's what is true for me right now.

A judgment is a conclusion that needs to be if someone else said the combo wasn't funny looking, and I needed to convince them that my perception was correct.

Or, a judgment could manifest as a conclusion that my perception is wrong and needs to be changed. Any judgment added to perception basically causes confusion.

But since I don't buy in to judgment, I'm free to play with my perception in any way I like. In this case, I acknowledged my perception that I look funny and decided I don't mind.

In another case, it may appeal to me to change my clothing and or shoes. All of it is for fun and creative play.

Abundant blessings!

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