Perfect is Not Necessarily Desireable

Everything is always the perfect manifestation of our focus up to this point in time. Of course perfection does not mean everything is to our liking.
When we experience something that causes us to want improvement, that is a wonderful thing because a shift in our focus brings that improvement into reality. On the other hand, by focusing on what does not please us, we create more undesirable reality.

Economically, if we decide that the whole system or certain sectors are crashing, no matter how hard we work, we create that reality. Conversely, if we focus on a strong and stable economy, we create that reality – with seemingly little effort.

In relationships, if we mostly focus on the things that need to be “fixed” about a person – our reality will include more things about people that we feel the need to fix.

While no reality can be more perfect than another, we do have the power to create that perfection into alignment with our desires. When we practice with belief in the power of joyful focus, our actions naturally bring about a more desirable reality.

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