Perfect Trust

Every person you perceive, including your self, is made up entirely of thought. As such, placing your trust in something as fickle as a person is sure to lead to feelings of disappointment, anger and/or resentment.

This is not to say that you should or should not do anything with respect to your relations with the people presently in your experience. Instead, this is an invitation to use whatever emotionally tumultuous thoughts you project onto people to discover how to uplift your energy and experience more interpersonal harmony.

With regard to the type of energy exchange, if any, you ‘should’ choose to pursue with particular persons, you always make the best decisions when you employ common sense coupled with common intuition. However, irrespective of any choice you make about your relations, if you are to deliberately create more harmonious relations, the focus of your inquiry must be directed inward.

Contrary to what your physical senses seem to be telling you, the ‘other’ person is not really ‘there’ as you perceive them to be. Every person you come into contact with is the same source awareness projecting through mind in order for you to perceive the ‘reality’ of your own mental impressions, memory and judgment – which you formed based on all you have perceived before.

Once you really ‘get’ this, you will find it ridiculously simple to create harmonious relations with all people in your perception. This is not to say that the process is easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Specifically, the energy of your fearful beliefs couples with emotion in a process that tempts you interpret what you perceive as your ‘cue’ to play the victim again and again. Each time you believe that another person is victimizing you, your energy of awareness is given to reinforce victim consciousness, thus making the experience of unpleasant relations more prevalent in your life.

It takes Courage, Focus, Intent and most of all Trust that you are the creator of your world to focus your awareness through the layers of delusion that fearful thought has formed in the mind. One way to cultivate Trust and create more pleasurable relations is to observe what you are thinking about the people in your experience, and if you feel an emotional trigger, immediately intend to allow thoughts that would make you feel more pleased with that person.

If you are so emotionally charged about a particular person that you cannot imagine yourself being pleased by their behavior, allow the ‘other’ person to be anyone or no one in particular. The point of this practice is to shift your mindset to a thought pattern that produces as much pleasure as possible.

As you consciously allow your awareness to ascend to higher (more pleasurable) states of mind, you will begin to attract behavior and people that please you more. This will inspire you to keep practicing, but until the evidence speaks for itself, persistent practice may be inspired by your Trust that everything in your world is unfolding according to your own thought projection.

Trust only in the One that’s True, so that you may come to recognize and appreciate the reflection of your Divine essence within every person.


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