Perfect World

Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that awareness is before thought. A few drops at the third eye is a favorite practice with this oil. It's also one of the best oils for skincare, and therefore it can be included in any daily beauty regimen. The aroma is mild, a bit woody and feels very calming.

There is nothing wrong in the world. The world is a perfect reflection of the mind. That which has been imagined and practiced in thought is being presented now to the degree that mental attention has been given to it.

You are the One you’ve been waiting  for – the steward of your world/perception in this moment.  You are the alchemist – the one holding all the power to transform the energy that creates your reality.

Remaining devoted to All Encompassing Love (your true essence) can feel difficult when faced with emotional temptation. Mental fabrications are made out to feel so real through the emotions upon which they arise, that it can be uncomfortable -  even painful to look beyond their illusion.

But beneath the discomfort and pain is your true home - the source of your beingness, where the warm embrace of Compassion stands ready to relieve you of who you think you are.

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2 Responses to Perfect World

  • Riox Frosher says:

    Thank you Hope for sharing. This is so true. Do you come up with these yourself or do you have somewhere on the web that you get them from?

    • thewaytoTheWay says:

      Aloha Riox! Mahalo for reading these insights. They arise spontaneously in my awareness as wordless knowing, and I use mental intelligence to express them in words as best as possible – and then post them on the Internet. Blessings, my love!

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