Personality is the Resistance

Personality is the Resistance

Your personality is the resistance…the necessary resistance for expansion of this big idea called Life.  But this does NOT mean that you have to suffer.

As soon as you feel emotional tension, it’s an indication of belief in the importance of personal will in making your personality’s ideas manifest in the material world.

If you choose to let go of how you think it should be, right then and there your resistance (mental interference) is gone, and the creative force is allowed to bring about the idea that sprang from your personality without a detour into personal suffering.

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2 Responses to Personality is the Resistance

  • Felicia Amoroso says:

    That is so true let the birds fly over head but never let them make a nest if it is negative for you.!

    • thewaytoTheWay says:

      Yes. Just blow those birds kisses and let them fly. Even the ‘positive’ ones, when fixated upon, will eventually evoke negative feeling.

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