Problems with Anger

Anger was a problem for me until I learned how anger could be directed asPhoto Jun 27, 6 12 30 AM inspiration in service to love. When I feel angry, I know it’s a sign that I’ve been following thoughts that have made me into a victim of circumstance.

Of course, when anger comes, so do thoughts of blame. The confused mind naturally seeks to discover who or what is responsible for my anger. But I don’t need to buy anything the mind has to offer while anger is triggered in me.

Often I feel myself get hooked by blameful thoughts, but in those instances I can trust that miracles of healing and grace are coming out of the experience; and in that trust, delusional thoughts automatically let go of me.

When my mind isn’t occupied by anger triggered thought, I can see what the anger itself is meant to teach me…

Recently, I found myself in a business deal with several others, some of whom seemed to be working as adversaries against my best efforts and against the group’s cohesion in general. Because I have a relatively high level of responsibility with regard to managing our group’s operations, I felt angry about what I was perceiving.

I noticed blame shooting from me, some of which was saying that these people make themselves victims because they think they actually have something to lose. I immediately asked myself what I think I have to lose right now, and then I allowed myself to imagine what it would feel like to have the kind of cohesive business venture that I seemed to be wanting.

Suddenly it became totally clear to me that I don’t need to pursue the present business venture under the circumstances. So I decided to excuse myself from the role I’ve been playing and to give up whatever time and money I have invested thus far.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted from me as soon as I decided to change course in this way…that’s how I knew it was the right decision for me.

To my surprise, after I communicated my decision, some of those people who seemed to be adversaries are now stepping forward and expressing their willingness to learn how to support our business entity and one another as we navigate the system with the focused intent to create abundance, sustainability and community.

I cannot know how this will go, but it’s fun and inspiring to play with the process again. Thank you anger for being such a wise teacher!

Much love!!

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