Purposeful Change

Existence is energy in motion, constantly transmuting between form and formless. Change is the Universal constant that keeps expanding existence toward infinity.

Consciousness is the creative force that makes change possible. For without creative consciousness, there could be no perspective for change.

All living things are the extension of creative consciousness made manifest to benefit existence through individually focused perspectives in an environment of contrast. Planet Earth and all of its inhabitant life forms are vehicles for experiences that inspire the creativity that leads to the continual expansion of the Universe.

As individuals, we sense what is in our reality, and that causes us to project our preferences for change into the Universe. Those preferences are immediately created as energetic possibilities for our soul – which changes and expands the Universe.

While every preference confers a benefit to the Universe that is immediate and eternal, a preference only manifests in our individual experience when the energy of our beliefs becomes a vibratory match to it. By changing our beliefs accordingly, our material self expands toward the new possibilities we have created.

If our beliefs do not change, we energetically bind ourselves to the situations and circumstances that have already been created in our experience. In this way, we resist becoming unified with the possibilities we have created for what we would perceive as improvement.

Resistance to change doesn’t prevent us from being a benefit to existence because we continue projecting preferences for change until physical death.  But resistance does cause us to experience less Joy because our lives exist in a constant flow of energy, and when our energy is stagnant dis-ease becomes our experience.

Because it is the nature of the human ego to resist change within ourselves, we naturally seek happiness by changing and/or condemning the outside world. As we follow the nature of ego, we develop greater fear of true change because ego perceives inward change as death to itself.

Through resistance to change, we develop an egocentric sense of self importance and false pride, from which we employ hard work and dedication to manage worldly changes. In doing so, we manipulate people and situations to benefit our individual self (or our cause) as if we were disconnected from the balance of creation.

But outward changes in and of themselves only validate our egocentric fear of death, which causes us to worship the cleverness of mind as the creative master of our lives.  Since we are truly spiritual beings, we can never be fulfilled by outward achievements, and chasing them only leads to feelings of desperation and despair.

However, through inner focus coupled with the courage to harmonize with our preferences despite all external circumstances, outward change happens as the effortless manifestation of what we are becoming.  Moreover, when those changes are received with appreciation and humility, they glorify the core of our Being – which is the only part of ourselves that endures forever.

We are only capable of creating our reality from a self-centered perspective, and when we allow the energy of our beliefs to change with the constant development of our preferences, we cultivate our own peace of mind.  As we experience inner peace, we heal conflict and dis-ease in ourselves and in the world to which we are intricately connected.

That which we practice being is what we are becoming. When we practice being unified with our preferences, in appreciation of all that is, the things we achieve are simply the Joyful expression of what we are becoming.

There is nothing to do but relax into being the real You. Be the change you wish for the world and keep becoming toward the purpose of your inner Truth.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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