Raise Your Vibration With Rose Essential Oil

You are the One directing your energy of awareness to sustain your mind created self in order to experience this time-space ‘reality’. However you are feeling now is the perfect culmination of all thought that has gone before, and while there is never anything ‘wrong’ with your feelings, it’s beneficial to have a little assistance from plant spirits in the form of essential oil for those times when you feel less than loving/loved.

Essential oil is the Life Force of the plant from which it has been extracted. Their molecules are nature’s messengers whose purpose it is to guide the individual toward creating heath, well-being, peace, abundance and remembrance that their Divine essence.

The Rose Essential Oil that is being offered for sale here is pure, natural, uncut and infused with Reiki. I chose this oil as my first product in the ‘Miracle Botanicals’ line in part because Rose Essential Oil has been shown to vibrate at 320 MHZ, while a healthy human body vibrates between 70-80 MHZ. In this way, Rose Essential Oil delivers a powerful invitation to raise one’s individualized vibration for expanded awareness, clear consciousness and to experience the feeling of Love.

The Rose also represents Divine Love, reminding human beings that no matter what, they are always Loved irrespective of where they have ever been or what they ever have done. To open your heart and invoke Divine Love in your Life, simply place one or two drops at your heart center (on the sternum between breast bones), gently rub in a circular motion, clockwise while consciously breathing for about 30 seconds.

This Rose Essential Oil also works great as a perfume oil, diffused in a room or blended with jojoba oil as a massage or beauty oil. It smells like fresh roses in full bloom!!

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