Reality of Creation!

You DO create your own reality, but not in the way you may have been led to believe by your perception of the Law of Attraction.

To the extent you think you will be happier when a future scenario you have conjured up in the imagination comes to pass – you set yourself up for disappointment, discouragement, and other forms of dis-ease if and when Reality contradicts what you think you’ve been creating.

You create your reality through feeling, and how you perceive your world determines what feeling you offer. How your feeling manifests in your life is not your business – It’s a Divine mystery that cannot be controlled from the level of your personal self.

To allow more Joyful feeling through your perception, notice what you think you KNOW about what ‘needs’ to happen – and remember that what’s UNKNOWN is the only reality that can be created according to the feeling you are offering right now.

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