Releasing Struggle

Adversity will always exist for the continuous expansion of our being.  We cannot change this reality, nor do we want to.   For without adversity, there would be no reason for our existence in this experience we call life.

Struggle means to employ strenuous or violent efforts in response to adversity; and it is experienced when we use will to control the outcome of a situation or circumstance.

During a challenging experience or uneasy thought pattern, it is human nature to feel fear, stress, dread, etc. Many of us believe that our own struggle is necessary in order to conquer a situation or achieve a goal; and we balk at the idea that life is supposed to be easy.

In reality, struggle is an emotion which interferes with problem solving skills, burdens our bodies and minds, and attracts more situations that gave birth to that feeling.

When we attach ourselves to expected outcomes in order to justify our efforts, or we imagine possible scenarios, we create struggle within ourselves because we have no real control over the outcome of anything.  The feeling of struggle distracts our focus, and often causes the most efficient solutions to be overlooked.

Moreover, the laws of the universe are straightforward and do not deviate – like attracts like.  This means that by struggling through any situation or toward any goal, we are attracting more situations that give rise to struggle.

Likewise, if we offer a calm, confident, trusting and optimistic vibration during a challenge or test, we are more open to a solution, we feel better, and we attract better experiences into our awareness.   The more often we seek joy in the moment, the more opportunity for joy we will create.

We have the power to release struggle by tuning our feelings to the vibration of that which we want.

Letting it Go:

Releasing struggle begins with evaluation and acceptance of our current emotional set point – noticing the state of our emotions while staying calm and comfortable with what feelings we have.  There is no need to judge our emotions as being good or bad, they are simply an indicator of where we are, like a road sign letting us know how far off we are from our ideal point of focus.

The most effective method to assess and transform our emotions is through deep breathing.  This is because every feeling is attached to a specific breath pattern. The further our current emotion is from our alignment with joy, the shallower our breathing becomes.  This also works the other way around, meaning that when we slow and deepen our breath, we improve our emotion.

Through focused attention and deep breath, we can offer a thought and/or decide to engage in an activity that makes us feel a little bit better than our current emotion.  We don’t have to make huge emotional leaps; it only takes small emotional shifts to gradually raise our vibration.

When we consistently aim to squeeze as much joy out of every moment, we consistently think and act toward that directive.   If we make it a priority to follow our joy as much as possible, struggle will fall away as old baggage which we no longer require.

The more often we can be present in our experiences with a calm mind and deep breath, the more struggle can be replaced with emotions that more accurately reflect our real selves.

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