The belief that somebody else’s expression of sadness can be responsible for your sad feeling is just an idea that keeps the root of your personally held sorrows hidden from awareness.

The experience of sadness is only an indication that one is believing thoughts that feel sad – and no thought is really true. In this regard, you’re invited to experience the feeling of sadness as it arises within¬†you, while observing the untruths (thoughts) that are responsible for this feeling.

When the sadness that you perceive in the other is no longer triggering dis-ease within you, personal comfort can be offered without compounding the delusion that’s responsible for sadness.

Moreover, such presence creates space for the root cause of sadness to also be seen from the other’s perspective, if and when they’re ready for the Truth that resolves all sorrows.

Let sadness be as it is without re-believing in the reasons that caused the sadness. In this way, sorrow gradually loses influence over the consciousness of humanity, and Acceptance invariably prevails.

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