Seeking for Change is the Delusion

The mind seeks to know why something is wrong, and then find the solution in order to make it right. However, no-thing is wrong until you mentally deem it so, and by deeming something to be wrong, all you have done is given the feeling of ‘wrong’ power over your energy of awareness.

For example, if your body falls ill, the mind wants to know what caused the illness and try to remove the reason for illness. But cause and effect are not what they seem, and seeking for change is the delusion that amplifies what triggers disturbing feelings in your experience.

Sometimes when you remove the ‘reason’ for illness, you will find relief and feel better. Not because the ill feeling has been removed, but because you have removed the reasonable ‘cause’ for the manner in which that ill feeling was being shown to you.

In this way, the ill feeling is repressed in the subconscious mind, where it attracts like energy until it’s ‘reasonable’ for that feeling to loop back into consciousness and manifest itself as a new or recurring ‘problem’.

Your preference (to feel better, etc) is already known and it’s being assembled energetically – the only thing hindering its manifestation is your going there in thought and trying to figure out how to manipulate your preference into being. All that figuring amplifies (and sometimes solves) the perceived problem while reinforcing the belief that the self is important (which leads to more perceived problems).

This is not to say there is anything wrong with using reason to solve perceived problems. It’s to point out that what’s thought to be a problem is really your perception of energetic dissonance; and ONLY when energetic dissonance has been Accepted does perception get healed.

To allow Acceptance for your perceived dis-ease, let go of the mental chatter about what’s ‘wrong’. Using the example of illness again – If your body is perceived as ill, the first question on the mind is ‘why’.

This question is an argument with Life – a mental seeking for change, which resists the Acceptance that is your true essence. Just breathing and releasing the question allows Acceptance to rise in your awareness, and heal your perception without any mental doing on your part.

From the place of Acceptance, any action that follows (change of nutrition, environment, beliefs, etc) gives ‘reason’ for the healing that has already occurred on an energetic level. While physical illness is the example being given here, allowing Acceptance is the cure for all dis-ease, including but not limited to unhappy interpersonal relations, financial frustration and political conflict.

In every moment you are Will-ing to allow your perception of ‘wrong’ to be (as in let go of trying to fix, change or remove what you are not liking), your energy of awareness is being healed and becoming more receptive to possibilities that bring peace to your body, mind and world.

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  1. Halina - Flow~Integration
    October 19, 2011

    I very much resonate with your words. And, on the way to embracing/accepting/appreciating what is, there arrives a new motivation for change – not out of judgement but as a creative urge.


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