Self Compassion Heals Suffering

The level of intelligence of any living being dictates how specifically they are able to create for themselves and for the world. Human beings aren’t victims or villains. We are the most powerful creators to ever walk this planet, and just like everything else, we are created and sustained by the energy of pure Love.

When we notice anyone suffering, the ego naturally seeks to protect the self image by ignoring the pain of another person, judging them for having created their circumstance or projecting thoughts that feel like victimization. All of these create an energy of disempowerment and reinforce the pattern of pain which manifests in our lives time and time again.

Everything in our experience is a reflection of ourselves. It’s human nature to lay blame on “others” for creating things that disturb us, but the truth is that each and every one of us is responsible because everything in our world is created by consciousness, and we are that consciousness.

Likewise, when we feel defeated for ourselves or for anyone else, we add our energy to the current that has created and sustains the thing that we do not like. Surrender instead to the way things are, and gently shift your perspective toward feeling more Joyful about the possibilities.

Anything is always possible but we cannot be receptive to possibilities for the change we seek while we are focused on what we perceive as “problems”.

Compassion is the key to creating new momentum for the one suffering and for everything else. This means allowing the pain to be what it is without judgment, and consistently returning our thoughts to focus on that which brings us Joy in the present moment.

This is not lying to ourselves because the authentic Self aka The Observer orchestrates all life circumstances for the benefit of the being, and is Joyful no matter what.  Have compassion for yourself first for creating something that disturbs you, shift your thought-based energy to project your Joyful perspective, and heal the world with your presence.

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