SELF Directed (Like Jesus)

Many humans regard God as a person because they cannot perceive beyond the limitations of mind.

A person is a vehicle for spirit to have a physical experience in a material world. God is existence itself, and is thus every person and everything in existence – not to be reduced to a person, people or specific spiritual entities.

God created the material world and everything in it order to experience different aspects of its Self for the purpose of creating harmony within the illusion of separation – thereby expanding God’s energy into infinity. Humans are the leading edge of God’s creation because the mind allows us to very specifically create our reality while directing energy to our source.

Many organized religions tend to view humans as only carnal and separate from God, which provides mental comfort while perpetuating the perceived need for the religious organization itself. But in reality humans are infused with God, and we have the choice in any moment to align our awareness with the Godly perspective of unity or with the mental perspective of separation.

In raising our consciousness, it’s the ego (or self image) that is given over in service to God, but the root of the human or the Self is the treasure to be attained by our awareness. To declare independence from God is to become dependent on our will and people or things in the world. This is NOT what being Self directed is about.

Specifically, our will, our minds and our bodies are tools for the soul to refine itself to a higher vibratory frequency.  These material aspects glorify God when we direct them from the pure Love perspective of the energy that creates them.

Every person has full access to the power of God in equal measure. The separation we see is due to perception through the prism of mind, which causes people to believe that God is “out there” instead if “in here”.

We are not even separate from one another. We are one, and we are God.

From the standpoint of individuality, made possible by our minds in this time-space experience, God is seated at the center of each person.  Jesus understood this and did his best to deliver the message to people who could not understand.

To this day, most people read Jesus’ words through the construct of mind, which causes them to completely miss the message. Jesus was a person who aligned the energy of his material awareness with that of the Divine Self.

Christ consciousness is an energetic resonance that is already part of everyone.  It constantly calls us to align with it, and we can commune with that energy by consistently aligning our thoughts with our deepest truths.

We are here to be Self centered with the understanding that our highest Self is existence, and that we are focused through a unique, individual mind and body.  Seeking mental comfort from the perspective of subjection (perceiving God as ruling from outside of Self) separates us from Jesus, God, Allah or whatever name we prefer to attach to that which is nameless.

It is our thoughts and feelings that create in this reality, and once we understand how to direct them from the perspective of Self instead of mind, we can realize what Jesus meant by the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

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    April 29, 2010

    Hope, nice to have come across your writings. So much depth in them.

    today I wrote on Facebook:

    “The Peace of Heaven is just one choice away! Choose not to judge and see the world with Love as One.”

    In truth and reality darkness does not exist, it is just a lack of light. The same applies as you write for The Peace of Heaven and God’s presence; it is always there and we can all experience this once we can stop the ego-mind (which is the illusion that we know better than Reality, which shows every time we judge “what is”
    Love and Light

  2. Hope Johnson
    April 30, 2010

    Thank you for reading Van!

    I Love your FB quote, and everything you have written resonates with me completely. I’m very grateful to you for sharing with me.

    It would be wonderful to connect on Facebook as well. Please scroll to the top and click on the FB icon to instantly be directed to my page. I look forward to connecting with you more.

    Love Hope

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