There is only one body, and each apparently individual body is already in service to the All by virtue of its very existence.

In this way, the need to serve other people is a mental trick designed to keep awareness identified as a scared and separate body. It’s an insane attempt to find Happiness by making other people conform to a mental idea of what constitutes happiness.

It’s the sacrifice of the natural state of nurturing and tenderness in favor of personal ambition.

Belief in the idea that there’s somebody to serve not only causes frustration and anger for the one who thinks their self qualified to serve, but it is also the unseen cause of conflict between people and worldwide suffering.

There is nothing wrong with this belief. Personally focused awareness that’s under this spell of “service” is also discovering the effects of separation through this limited perception.

They don’t need to be “served”. Nor do they have any power to make you like them, unless you take their expression personal.

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