Raw Sesame Chicken Recipe

1 Whole Chicken – skin removed and cut into small pieces
6-10 Whole Lemons for Juicing
½ Cup Raw Sesame Oil
3 TBL Chili Powder
½ Cup Nama Shoyu (raw soy sauce – see below for ordering)
½ Cup Unheated Honey
1/2 Cup Raw Sprouted Sesame Seeds
2 Cups Roughly Chopped Onions
3 Cups Roughly Chopped Mushrooms

Place cut chicken in a glass or ceramic container and cover with lemon juice. Marinate chicken for (4) days. This will keep the chicken raw, but give it a “cooked” consistency which makes it easy to mix with other ingredients. Marinating will also keep the chicken fresh for a long period of time.

After (4) days, strain chicken discarding the lemon juice. Use a clean towel to press the chicken into the strainer to “wring” the lemon juice out. Spread the chicken onto a clean flat surface and continue to blot with the towel until the chicken is “moist”, but no longer “wet”.

Place chicken back in a clean glass or ceramic container with lid. Mix all ingredients except the chicken together, then pour the mixture over the chicken and mix well. Marinate the chicken for 1 day, and enjoy.

Chicken can also be transferred to smaller jars, such as Ball Jars for individual servings.

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