"Should" is the Language of Delusion

Releasing “should” and “should not” from our mental dictionary is not about whether anyone should or should not take action – it’s about choosing action based on intuition rather than pursuant to our mental perception of what “should” or “should not” be done.

“Should” and “should not” are always based on mental perceptions of what we think we are supposed to do in certain situations. While doing exactly what is expected can be the same action that is in our best interest, action that emanates from our connection with Consciousness always serves our purpose.

The mind is programmed to offer thoughts that grip to expected outcomes in exchange for our action, and that is why awareness must be a CONSISTENT practice in order to be effective. When we think in terms of “should” and “should not, we create attachment to our desires – which detracts from the pure Joy experienced when action is offered as its own reward.

Attachment is delusion, and due to our worldly conditioning, we are naturally attuned to the patterns of mind that keep us bound to delusion through ego identification. Being in the present moment means acting in innocence, without the expectation that we will achieve any particular outcome as a result of our efforts.

By remembering that the journey is the destination, we may be reminded that how we feel Now is our prayer for the future that is always being created Now. Through attentiveness to our own thoughts and feelings and consistently directing our attention back to Now, we develop the overview necessary to more easily determine where we are gripping, and the trust necessary to surrender to the present moment.

Desire and even our Attachment to Desire is not a hinderance to spiritual development.  Our experience of desire is the call of Source summoning us to evolve our awareness toward greater understanding of Self; and while Attachment to Desire is what keep us bound to delusion, resisting anything is in itself a form of Attachment – which can only perpetuate our delusion. However, both Attachment and Desire are inherent to the human experience, and they evoke inner guidance in the form of emotion. (See Every Emotion has Meaning for more on “emotion”)

If we are spending our energy trying to avoid or deny either Desire or Attachment, we are laboriously creating more of both as our awareness is buried more deeply in the delusion of mind. However, when we understand, embrace and enjoy both Desire and our Attachment to it (and all delusion for that matter), we return to being present automatically, and gain deeper understanding thereby.

We can only be damned or blessed through the perception of the mind. By minding the mind, we develop the ability to discern which thoughts keep us directed toward the center – where blessings abound and peace prevails.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com, or register to attend one of her upcoming retreats Here.

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  1. Savina Cavallo
    September 9, 2010

    Hi Hope,
    I resonate with your words “action that emanates from our connection with Consciousness always serves our purpose.” I can’t add much to your post as it covers pretty much my thoughts about “should”.
    I’ve used the word and attitude most of my life, until a few years till now, as I learn more of life and Truth. I don’t “should” very much anymore.


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