Spiritual Wing Readings

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Erica Hearst, an intuitive woman with the ability to see the spiritual wings of everyone and everything in the material world.  According to Erica, the details of our wings depicts the progression of our spiritual journey thus far, as well as the aspects of our spirituality that are currently being developed.

Drawing of Hope's Spiritual Wing - June 2010

Erica has also been gifted with the ability to draw the wings as she sees them, and with stunning detail.  Erica can even visualize the wings without the physical presence of the person or object to which they belong.  In fact, she can perform readings for anyone, anywhere, even if she has never met them in person.

Erica’s wing readings consist of a single wing drawing followed by a verbal interpretation of its spiritual meaning. Since the wings look identical to Erica, she focuses on one of them to capture all of the necessary detail.

The wing drawing takes Erica about three hours to complete, with her clients generally not being present during that time.  Her client is presented with the finished product on fine art paper, at which time Erica offers her interpretation and answers any questions.

I am amazed at the detail and fine attributes captured by Erica in her drawing of my wing, and her interpretation provided well timed guidance along my spiritual path. If you are reading this, it may be time for you to see what your wings look like, and gain some insight into their meaning.

Erica’s spiritual wing readings can be performed for anyone, anywhere.  Just call or email Erica for an appointment. Phone: 714-458-6844 or Email: Tmttq86@yahoo.com

It’s generally beneficial to have a new wing reading every six months to one year in order to check in and keep on track with our spiritual development.

Hope Johnson offers guidance and intuitive tools that facilitate awakening and enlightenment. Please email her for more information hope@thewaytotheway.com

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