Healing Journey

At this point my body is appearing quite frail and exhausted, although some vital signs are showing improvement. 
And while my mind is being led on an apparent journey toward healing, it does not matter to me whether this body gets healed, stays diseased or passes away. 
If it matters to you, I understand what you are going through, and your concern does not go unappreciated. But I cannot join you in hoping for any particular outcome. 
All worldly things are working together toward total purification of ego….And there is absolutely no suffering in it unless there is pretense that a specific worldly outcome is desired. 
Thank you for being desireless forever! I love you!

Unnecessary Punishment

When my mind was immature, I believed that punishment was something meted out by external forces.

But now that I’m experienced in wisdom, I know that punishment is the natural and immediate response to wanting what is not and resisting what is.

Nobody deserves to be punished. And everyone can discover how to be totally protected.

May all beings know this unshakable Peace. Aloha!

Energy is our Gift

Our perception of our world is only a reflection of the self we have created out of thought. Perceiving through the eyes of the Divine comes from harmonious alignment with the core of beingness, not from anything outside of ourselves.

When we expect anyone or anything to behave according to our own will, we set conditions for our experience of Joy, thus setting ourselves up for disappointment.  But when we set the focus of our awareness upon that which we already enjoy, without attachment to how it may come or continue to come, the people and circumstance in our world receive an energetic invitation to shift into resonance with our new vibratory offering.

If they are prepared to shift their energy accordingly, our experience of them will change.   If they are not so prepared, they will fall away from our experience, making way for that which harmonizes with our energy of awareness.

However, when we are resistant to certain people, behavior or circumstance, we are resisting particular energetic patterns that reside within our Being.   By resisting any part of the self, our energy is given to reinforce the current that sustains what we are resisting; and we attract more material manifestations of it into our experience.

Acceptance is the key to allowing ourselves to perceive the reflection of our Joyful essence in this lifetime.   Only when Life is accepted in its fullness, does our individualized energy of awareness resound with the highest and deepest Joy/Peace/Love, thus allowing such Divine energy to be our gift for ourselves and for our world.

Speaking of giving, many times we give to “others” because we believe that someone needs our help, and/or we expect something in return.   Depending upon how much time, physical energy, money, fight, etc., we have given, we may create an esteemed self image in the world.

However, the belief that we are needed creates a feeling of obligation, while expecting something in return for our efforts creates attachment to outcomes. Both of these mental attitudes are dissonant to our Divine energy, which cannot be disturbed by anything in the material world.  That dissonance creates emotional disturbance which creates a disturbed perception of reality.

Giving that’s guided by disturbed feelings creates little or nothing of enduring value because it is our energy, not our action that determines the potency of our intent.   The energy that drives our efforts affects our shared reality in a way that cannot be quantified in the material world, and if our energy is disturbed we can only create more disturbance – even if we bring about measurable improvement on the physical/material level.

Conversely, when we direct our thoughts into vibratory harmony with our eternally Joyful essence, we glorify everything even if we do nothing at all. This is because our thoughts are always commanding creation, and when thinking arises from a vantage point that perceives what IS to be what is desired, reality unfolds in energetic harmony with our desires.

Accordingly, the most value anyone can bestow upon their world of form is the focusing of thought energy into harmony with Joy/Love/Peace. In this way, giving springs effortlessly from the abundance of the heart as we garner eternal blessings for our world.

Use what you perceive as the opposite of what you want to inspire your Divine creativity and bestow the gifts that endure forever.

Every Emotion has Meaning

Every emotion is perfect based on all thought that has come before. Through emotional activity, we are being directed by consciousness as to how we can evolve our energetic expression to achieve a higher frequency.

When we experience an emotion that evokes our desire for change, that’s a wonderful thing because desire is the voice of our creative aspect summoning us to evolve our awareness and grow.  We accept that invitation by accepting ourselves fully, exactly as we are Now.

Only from the perspective of acceptance do we become receptive to thoughts that allow our evolution to be more in alignment with our specifications.

On the other hand, if we perceive ourselves to be in need of “improvement”, we make ourselves receptive to resistant thoughts which keep us stuck in what is already known about our present state of being. Any perceived need for improvement causes us to focus on what we WANT as being “better” than what IS, and that prevents us from evolving our present what IS to what can BE.

Specifically, until we can accept our present state of being, we remain focused on what IS, and whatever we focus upon grows in our experience.  But once we have fully accepted who and where we are NOW, our focus shifts toward that which allows us to become MORE.

For example, by deciding that some of our thoughts or emotions are “negative”, the mind perceives our state of being as something wrong that needs to be fixed.  Because this belief is so out of alignment with our true essence, it causes us to attract more thoughts that evoke negative emotion.

Feeling an uncomfortable emotion is an indication that we have forgotten ourselves and we are being summoned to return. Labeling, condemning or trying to change our emotions is not returning, but the offering of more thoughts based in delusion.

Delusion can only exist in darkness, and the moment it is exposed to the Light of awareness, delusion is dissolved thereby. However, the Light can never be attained from a place of delusion until it is allowed through the window of acceptance.

Acceptance is attained by releasing all effort and simply observing our emotion in mental silence. Through unattached observation of the ego as it deals with emotion, we can see through the layers of mind to expose the delusional beliefs that have been impeding our progression.

Through conscious observation, the beliefs that do not resonate with Truth are immediately resolved, along with their emotional charge.  However, because most of our beliefs are deeply ingrained habits in the mind to which we have become attuned, awareness must be a consistent practice in order to dissolve delusional beliefs as they re-emerge and to create new habits of belief in alignment with the true reality.

While no thought or emotion can be more perfect than another, we Do have the power to evolve our experience of NOW toward Blessings like we have never known before. Every emotion is an invitation to practice awareness and make it so.

Instinct as a Guide toward Pure Being

Meditation LightOur higher self aka the Universe aka God offers guidance through instinct toward that which serves our best interest.  By trusting ourselves, we are more receptive to those instincts; and when we follow them, everything else easily and gracefully falls into place.

Although we are conditioned, through our focus on what we know of the material world, that instinct is predominantly necessary for protection from harm and the will to survive, our higher self has infinite other aspects expressed through instinct. The world is only hostile to the extent that we make it so, and when we focus on our need for protection and accomplishment predominantly, we hold ourselves in vibrational patterns that attract more of the same.

Most of us only know God as protective and reactive because these aspects are the most relevant to what is “known” in the material world.  We can move beyond these two God-aspects when we open ourselves to guidance toward a state of peace and pure being – which is the birthright of everyone.

Here are the steps I take to explore the more spiritual aspects of instinct:

  • Meditation – with eyes closed, a quiet mind and attention to breath, our source energy can communicate directly with every cell in our bodies.  This allows our whole body to receive information that will direct us toward the realization of our true desires.
  • Acceptance – by allowing everything to be as it is now, we are open to new and ever-expansive possibilities.
  • Gratitude – appreciating all that we are projects a vibratory pattern that attracts more to appreciate.
  • Faith – knowledge that all the beautiful and wonderful possibilities that we can imagine have already been given.  This minimizes doubtful thoughts, thereby allowing us to be more aware of our guidance.
  • Joyful action – doing what feels inspired at the time from a perspective of expecting to always create deeper joy throughout our journey in this life experience.
  • Love – allowing ourselves to see everything and everyone through the eyes of love is the truest expression of God into the life of the world.  When we are in love with everything, we are one with everything, and then we can experience God as pure being.