Healing Journey

At this point my body is appearing quite frail and exhausted, although some vital signs are showing improvement. 
And while my mind is being led on an apparent journey toward healing, it does not matter to me whether this body…

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Unnecessary Punishment

When my mind was immature, I believed that punishment was something meted out by external forces.

But now that I’m experienced in wisdom, I know that punishment is the natural and immediate response to wanting what is not and resisting…

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You Don’t Know Better

You don’t really know better than anyOne. Your world is only a reflection of your thought created self, and your worldly wisdom is nothing but a collection of self judgment that you have picked up along your unique journey through this and previous lifetimes.

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No-thing to Accept

Acceptance is not something to be done by you. The essence of ‘who you are’ is the Loving Acceptance from which all things arise in your experience.

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Energy is our Gift

Our perception of our world is only a reflection of the self we have created out of thought. Perceiving through the eyes of the Divine comes from harmonious alignment with the core of beingness, not from anything outside of ourselves.


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Daily Thought: Doubt

Doubt is a blessing. It presents a question, the acceptance of which leads to an answer and a deeper knowing of who ‘I AM’.

Daily Thought: Self Acceptance

EveryOne accepts you at the level of ‘who they are’. Accept your self, and allow the ‘others’ in your life to reflect acceptance back to you.

Every Emotion has Meaning

Every emotion is perfect based on all thought that has come before. Through emotional activity, we are being directed by consciousness as to how we can evolve our energetic expression to achieve a higher frequency.

When we experience an emotion…

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Instinct as a Guide toward Pure Being

Most of us only know God as protective and reactive because these aspects are the most relevant to what is “known” in the material world. We can move beyond these two God-aspects when we open ourselves to guidance toward a state of peace and pure being - which is the birthright of everyone.

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