Joy of Being

Being is a constant joy and it’s not one bit capable of creating misery; and Being is the only reality. 
Notwithstanding the Truth of Being, identification with “my truth”, as in making personal the perception of likes, dislikes, desires, aversions, wants and not wanted makes people feel angry and sets the stage for illusions of misery.  
Everything is made of thought, but Being is not a thought. Neither is Being anything that wants thought, or that wants to avoid thought. 
Being is witnessing thought, and in the instant its recognized that no thought is really about Being, all matters of misery evaporate at their mental roots….leaving only Joy of Being. 
Thank you for the joyful presence that you Be. I love you!

Problems with Anger

Anger was a problem for me until I learned how anger could be directed asPhoto Jun 27, 6 12 30 AM inspiration in service to love. When I feel angry, I know it’s a sign that I’ve been following thoughts that have made me into a victim of circumstance.

Of course, when anger comes, so do thoughts of blame. The confused mind naturally seeks to discover who or what is responsible for my anger. But I don’t need to buy anything the mind has to offer while anger is triggered in me.

Often I feel myself get hooked by blameful thoughts, but in those instances I can trust that miracles of healing and grace are coming out of the experience; and in that trust, delusional thoughts automatically let go of me.

When my mind isn’t occupied by anger triggered thought, I can see what the anger itself is meant to teach me…

Recently, I found myself in a business deal with several others, some of whom seemed to be working as adversaries against my best efforts and against the group’s cohesion in general. Because I have a relatively high level of responsibility with regard to managing our group’s operations, I felt angry about what I was perceiving.

I noticed blame shooting from me, some of which was saying that these people make themselves victims because they think they actually have something to lose. I immediately asked myself what I think I have to lose right now, and then I allowed myself to imagine what it would feel like to have the kind of cohesive business venture that I seemed to be wanting.

Suddenly it became totally clear to me that I don’t need to pursue the present business venture under the circumstances. So I decided to excuse myself from the role I’ve been playing and to give up whatever time and money I have invested thus far.

It was like a huge weight had been lifted from me as soon as I decided to change course in this way…that’s how I knew it was the right decision for me.

To my surprise, after I communicated my decision, some of those people who seemed to be adversaries are now stepping forward and expressing their willingness to learn how to support our business entity and one another as we navigate the system with the focused intent to create abundance, sustainability and community.

I cannot know how this will go, but it’s fun and inspiring to play with the process again. Thank you anger for being such a wise teacher!

Much love!!

Transmuting Anger

There’s nothing wrong with Anger – Anger is just a distorted form of Love – energy in motion that arises out of mental confusion. Acting while feeling angry – even so called ‘righteous anger’ – serves to perpetuate the energy of anger in our own vibration, in our personal manifestations and for the collective world.

Notwithstanding the consequences, there’s nothing wrong with acting out of Anger either. Whatever expresses is what’s required, and for those who have been repressing Anger, expressing it is an advancement toward liberation.

Anger is a message that we are perceiving a circumstance that reflects a false belief which was impressed upon us in our infancy. The present circumstance is only relevant to our Anger in that it provides a storyline we can use to justify feeling Angry, and thus give more Life Force Energy to its vibration.

Without our belief that any circumstance or person is responsible for our Angry feeling, energy that was being directed to support and sustain Anger becomes available for inspired service to pure Love. To facilitate this transmutation through our individual awareness requires feeling into Anger’s vibration when it arises, without acting on it, or otherwise feeding it with further belief in our mental projections about it.

In this way, Anger can play itself out, until all that’s left is detached energy – which is automatically repurposed in service to unbounded Love.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t stay focused right away, or if you don’t perceive immediate results . Humanity has been conditioned for millennia to serve anger over inspiration, and the mind naturally grips to and protects what’s known – so you may experience feeling worse before you feel better.

Your consistent intent and attention in this regard is an investment that pays off forever. Just do your best and keep it up – eventually the results will speak for themselves.

Transforming Emotions

When dealing with anger, depression, fear, stress or anxiety, it’s important to get ourselves to a good place before saying or doing anything that may evoke regret.  Once we can attain a calm mind and deep breath, the words and actions we choose will be much more productive.

The key is to stay present with our thoughts.  When we notice any uncomfortable or painful emotion, it benefits us to stop what we are doing, and immediately focus awareness on the breath.

From there, the breathing can be slowed and deepened, bringing mental activity back under conscious control and turning emotion into inspiration.   To perform this alchemy, keep the lips together, face relaxed, and breathe deeply and lightly through the nose, all the way to the bottom of the abdomen.  Think about the breath filling from your pelvic floor, upward.  After the abdomen expands fully, allow the breath to move up the sides of the spine and into the chest.  On the exhale, release the breath from the chest first, then down the sides of the spine, and finally release it from the abdomen, contracting the abdominal muscles gently to get the last little breath of  air out.

After about three breaths, the mind should be more focused.  Now, while continuing this breath, allow the mind to identify any tension in the body and gently release it.  This may take one to thirty more breaths.  Do this until you feel relieved of mental stress and muscular contraction.

From this new perspective the perceiver is open to information that can be used to make the most out of any circumstance or situation.  Remember, EVERYTHING is easier with a calm mind and deep breath.