How to Pray

I don’t pray for worldly things or special circumstances. To me that’s just plain vanity.

I’m no longer under the impression that I know what in the world is necessary or right for me. So instead of praying for anything in particular, the prayer I offer is reverent attention to whatever arises through the particulars of life.

For instance, when I perceive illness in my body I don’t pray for better health. Instead, I use the power of reverent attention to fully experience physical dis-ease and whatever else is coming up in the moment.

I experience illness only until I can imagine (image-in) vibrant health, then vibrant health becomes my experience…even before this body shows evidence of healing.

Likewise, when I perceive conflict in a relatio
nship between myself and another person, I don’t pray for them or me to be different. I reverently experience this form of dis-ease until I can imagine loving connection between us.

Praying in this way has become natural for me because my mind is aware that recognizing ignorance as such is what’s needed to give up mental images that deny vibrant health and healthy relationships….not praying for a different experience.

Yes, I have felt anxiety about needing things to be different so that I could get back to work, chores, or just being happy again. But I have discovered that there is nothing more productive than praying in this way.

Indeed, praying in the true way has made me so sensitive to the habitual mental tendency to regard ignorance as truth that I cannot participate in the insanity anymore.

No matter what happens, my point of view remains within awareness of truth, and so through the life I live, the mind is being restored to its original state of vibrance, innocence and peace.

Abundant Blessings!

Anxious Mind

Anxious mind is constantly looking for the next experience because it hasn’t recognized that there is no such thing as next.

Life is Now, and whatever experience is arising Now is the one that deserves your undivided attention.

Through willingness to whole heartedly attend to whatever experience the moment brings, foolish ideas about the next experience lose their relevance, and Fulfillment becomes the most common experience.

Anxious Mind

Anxiety happens when you believe thoughts about needing to get something done before you can experience peace/freedom/love.

Even though the relief you feel after accomplishing something is gone just as soon as the mind hooks onto the next thing that needs doing, the mind always contends that a greater sense relief will come after you get more done. This is a programmed mental/emotional pattern ‘designed’ to maintain the sense of separation (fear), and give credence to ego (energy of fear).

You don’t have to buy in to this pattern of pain. You have the right and the responsibility to allow slow, deep breath and enjoy the moment to the best of your ability.

When you notice anxiety rising within you, it may help to remember this: To the extent that you are allowing peace/freedom/love from where you stand HereNow, more of that feeling is being created for your experience; and to the extent you believe that you must accomplish something before you can allow peace/freedom/love – more anxiety is being created for your experience.

There’s nothing else to do. Just noticing and breathing creates an opening for consciousness to transform your perception.

Transforming Emotions

When dealing with anger, depression, fear, stress or anxiety, it’s important to get ourselves to a good place before saying or doing anything that may evoke regret.  Once we can attain a calm mind and deep breath, the words and actions we choose will be much more productive.

The key is to stay present with our thoughts.  When we notice any uncomfortable or painful emotion, it benefits us to stop what we are doing, and immediately focus awareness on the breath.

From there, the breathing can be slowed and deepened, bringing mental activity back under conscious control and turning emotion into inspiration.   To perform this alchemy, keep the lips together, face relaxed, and breathe deeply and lightly through the nose, all the way to the bottom of the abdomen.  Think about the breath filling from your pelvic floor, upward.  After the abdomen expands fully, allow the breath to move up the sides of the spine and into the chest.  On the exhale, release the breath from the chest first, then down the sides of the spine, and finally release it from the abdomen, contracting the abdominal muscles gently to get the last little breath of  air out.

After about three breaths, the mind should be more focused.  Now, while continuing this breath, allow the mind to identify any tension in the body and gently release it.  This may take one to thirty more breaths.  Do this until you feel relieved of mental stress and muscular contraction.

From this new perspective the perceiver is open to information that can be used to make the most out of any circumstance or situation.  Remember, EVERYTHING is easier with a calm mind and deep breath.