Abundance & Prosperity

Abundance is not something certain folks have and others do not. Limitless Abundance is the very essence of Existence, and noOne gets cut off, ever.

How much Abundance you allow for your individual self depends ONLY upon how Prosperous you are Being (the extent to which you have been re-believing thoughts that defend scarcity/lack/financial worry, or not).

When you notice thoughts like ‘I can’t afford that’, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘rich people are greedy’, ‘I’m in debt’, etc. – you’re invited to give these thoughts a Kiss, and notice how much you already have to appreciate.

Every time you recognize thoughts that deny your Abundant essence as FALSE, your self automatically become more Prosperous – because the idea of lack loses power over your consciousness.

BTW – I have created an essential oil blend called Prosperity Formula, which is designed to help penetrate the delusion of scarcity/lack/worry.

Abundant blessings, my friends.

Inflammation & Essential Oils

Inflammation leads to heart disease, not Cholesterol levels; and the leading cause of inflammation is stress…

Pure Essential Oils coupled with a diet that contains plenty of saturated fats from grass fed animals is a formula that alleviates stress – which in turn keeps your body, mind and heart healthy.

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The ultimate youth and vitality ‘treatment’ is to feel beautiful. This is because each of the trillions of cells that make up your physical structure contain receptors that respond to the vibration of your thoughts.

Go ahead and allow your self to feel beautiful – it’s the truth of who you are!

Note: Essential oils are very effective at helping to expose self limiting beliefs to the light of awareness so they can be resolved. If you feel inspired to try this form of self therapy, please Click Here to check out the Miracle Botanicals Website.