Enjoy Ego Function

As soon as the lips speak the words "I'm not attached" with belief that un-attachment is the desired state, the concept of being someone who suffers is consecrated in the mind. 
Attachment and un-attachment are equal happenings that occur spontaneously…

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In Appreciation, ALL is a Precious Gift and there is noThing to Resist. In Attachment, there is an Unlimited Parade of things that "Need" to be Resisted for Fear of Losing that which you have Deemed "Precious" in Comparison to…

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Attachment & Suffering

Attachment is created through Belief that anyOne's Well Being depends on someBody, someThing or somePlace. This is effectively a Prayer for Suffering in that Reality evolves to Reveal the Consequences of the Thoughts we Take to be True.

If you'd…

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Daily Thought: Government and Taxation

The One against government taxation and The One attached to government 'benefits' is creating the same dis-ease. Their energy is given to a dance of ignorance in the belief that freedom/contentment/joy is based on circumstance.

Daily Thought: Fear

Fear arises from attachment to that which can never belong to you. You 'own' only your energy of awareness - so allow your self to be filled with the Light that you are, and fear will dissolve thereby.

"Should" is the Language of Delusion

Releasing "should" and "should not" from our mental dictionary is not about whether anyone should or should not take action - it's about choosing action based on intuition rather than pursuant to our mental perception of what "should" or "should…

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Go With the Flow

Most of us who try to use the Law of Attraction get discouraged very quickly because we get ideas about what we want - only to be disappointed when they don’t manifest.  But the Law works based on our vibratory…

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