Nothing to Lose

I’m aware that I have nothing and so I’m also aware that I have nothing to lose.

In this way my attention is free to remain focused on experiencing things exactly as they are irrespective of any fears that may present themselves.

Loving Earth


Just like every expression of Life, Earth thrives in response to appreciation. True appreciation is not holding one thing in higher regard than everything else (as in worship), it’s the offering of attention toward whatever one finds pleasing from their individual point of view.


The mind may go on presenting thoughts about Earth being detrimentally unhealthy, how ‘other’ people are doing things to harm or destroy Earth, how Earth cannot sustain all resident life forms, etc.  However, these thoughts are all forms of fear that disconnect your energy of awareness from the greater Truth, lead to counterproductive action, and carry no meaning except that which you give them.


There is no-thing in your world more powerful than your attention. To promote a healthy and sustainable Earth, simply look for what you can appreciate in nature and allow your senses to be enlivened thereby.


From this perspective your perception is infused with Love – the infinite creator and sustainer of all things deemed virtuous by you.

Daily Thought: Resource

The only infinite resource is the power to imagine – with which each person is equally endowed. All material resources and limitations thereto take form through imagination.

Pay attention to where you are putting your attention – this is how you are using imagination to create your world.

Curing a Bi-Polar Life

Our reality consists of polarities – everything contains its opposite. But we are more than mere passengers on the ride of life. Whether we know it or not, we are creating our reality with every thought.

When we pay attention to things in our lives that provoke extreme emotion, we attract more extremes in our lives. By habitually shifting our attention to those things in our lives that evoke joy, and toward our perspectives for creating more joy, we can control our emotions and thereby diffuse the extremes in our minds and in our lives.