Sexual Attraction

When we speak of sexual attraction to more than one person, we are speaking of attraction to thought. It’s been my experience and Tony’s that when such thoughts cross our awareness, we can sense that following them does not resonate…

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Being Loved

People in your experience may think you’re special, not because you are special, but because they recognize what they like about their self within their perception of you, and that makes them feel special. There is only one being, and…

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Seeking Christ

Christ cannot be recognized by anyone who does not have the “eyes to see”. If we expect the only Christ to have been crucified thousands of years ago, not to return until sometime in the future, we do not seek…

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Curing a Bi-Polar Life

Our reality consists of polarities – everything contains its opposite. But we are more than mere passengers on the ride of life. Whether we know it or not, we are creating our reality with every thought.

When we pay attention…

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