Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs that create the ‘need’ for struggle to simply dissolve.

Conscious Weight Loss

Our bodily shape, composition and overall health are many times more dependent on our beliefs than the food we consume. Most of us experience struggle and deprivation when looking to reduce our weight because we believe these feelings to be a necessary part of the process.

Every one of the trillions of cells that make up the human body is infused with the same life-force energy that allows us to sense and experience the material world. However, cellular experience of the material world is largely dependent on the messages received from our thoughts for direction in their purpose of contributing to overall health for the whole body.

Specifically, the outer layer of every cell consists of receptors that are tuned to the specific frequency of our brain waves, and the messages supplied by our thoughts are the master of all cellular function.  Most of the brain’s messages are received from the subconscious mind and delivered to the cells without our conscious awareness.  Those subconscious messages follow biological imprints and the conditioning of our subconscious mind through the conscious thoughts that we consistently choose to believe.

Every part of the human body is comprised of these tiny intelligent bodies which base the degree of their receptivity to particular environmental stimulus on the messages being transmitted by our brain.  In accordance with our brain’s vibratory messages, every cell absorbs the information being sought and that information is utilized according to programmed cellular memory.

In this way, if we believe that certain food will make us fat, our cells use the nutrients in that food coupled with their functional memory to increase their size. However, because we are born with embedded subconscious beliefs, there are certain foods that we believe will cause weight gain even if we haven’t given it a conscious thought.

While biological programming can be very powerful, it can be transformed through practice in developing the beliefs that serve our purpose.

Depending on individual programming, our subconscious mind may be conditioned to the belief that we gain weight as we age, that we are naturally fat, or that a healthy weight can only be achieved by subjecting ourselves to excruciating workouts. It takes attention and practice to reprogram our subconscious brain and cellular memory, but our effort can free us from the constant mental battle that ultimately compromises our health and general sense of well being.

By consistently choosing thoughts that support a healthy physique over time, we gradually change our mind and create our body accordingly. But because changing deep seated beliefs takes time and effort, weight loss is more efficiently attained when we also suffuse our cells with the physical materials most recognized by our cells as supportive to their integrity.

Since we are deeply programmed to be dependent on food for survival, and the human body has evolved over millions of years to rely on particular nutrients, our overall health is supported by food that contains high nutrient content and is easily digested. The most recognizable and utilizable nutrients to human cells come from raw meat, raw animal fat, and variable amounts of vegetation depending on our ancestry.

This is because our biological cellular memory and mental programming has not yet adapted to the belief that we can be nourished by food that we have only made edible over the past several thousand years (a very short period of time in human evolution). Moreover, since the time we have introduced denatured food, we have also increased the occupation of our minds whereby we no longer focus attention to our intent when consuming food.

By mostly choosing food that is similar to what nature used to evolve the human body over millions of years, we supply our cells with the material substances that our cells instinctually know how to use in creating optimal health.  If you don’t like or cannot eat raw meat and raw animal fat, then lightly cook it. (Please see the article: Nutrition for Radiant Health for some helpful guidelines in this regard).

However, no matter what goes into our mouths, if we are not aware of our intent, our thoughts may present the greatest impediment to weight loss. For this reason, mindful eating can be more effective than the quality of our food in achieving ideal weight and for increasing energy and vitality overall.

But the combination of predominantly eating the foods that are efficiently utilized by cells, coupled with mindful awareness of our intent as we eat makes weight loss a particularly easy and Joyful journey.

To practice eating with awareness, clear your mind of all distractions and focus all of your senses on the food you are enjoying. Notice how it smells, feels, tastes, looks and even sounds as you chew the food.

Imagine that what you are eating is giving your body exactly what it needs to create your ideal body weight, muscle tone and overall health. If you are eating something other than raw meat and/or raw fat, chew your food completely until it becomes a liquid in your mouth and remember to smile while fully enjoying your food.

Finally, stay aware of thoughts about weight throughout the day, and notice how they make you feel. When you feel discomfort in the form of stress, tension, worry or fear around the issue of weight, gently redirect your thoughts to the mental image of your ideal physique, and feel the Joy that having your ideal body evokes in your heart center.

As you practice this, your cells become more receptive to the possibilities that lead to the body that you want. By exercising conscious effort to direct our thoughts, everything else becomes easier because subconscious awareness naturally attracts the information that supports our deepest beliefs.

Be conscious of your thoughts and nourish your cells to achieve the body weight is a true testament to the beautiful being that you are.

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Habitual Awareness

Deliberate creation is nothing more than a novel concept until it is put into practice. Because the illusion of mortality is so deeply ingrained in the human psyche, it takes consistent practice over time before anyone starts changing the course of their life.

The beginner may feel excited and optimistic about getting what they want, and thus they become eager to reap the benefits of deliberate creation.  But biological imprints from past lives coupled with the conditioning we have received during this lifetime have formed powerful habit patterns that lead most people back into delusion and despair.

Because our mental programming is so powerful, the odds of becoming a deliberate creator are stacked against us. It takes practice and repetition before our energy shifts enough to make a noticeable difference in our lives.

For this reason, faith is the foundation that gives us the ability to maintain intent over whatever amount of time it takes for the individual to transform.  Through faith we can find the courage to keep going until the benefits speak loudly all by themselves.

Each thought is our energetic offering that determines what we are manifesting, and only in the moments of attentiveness are we able to expose and redirect self limiting thoughts as they arise. In doing so, we shift our energy for that moment – which positively affects our manifestation.

But until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of separation and limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

Each time we ask the question: “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?”, our energetic offering is improved in that moment of awareness.  By making it a habit to “check in”, we eventually retrain the body and mind to be receptive to more beneficial thought patterns.

It’s also very helpful to quiet the mind through a practice of meditation in order to get accustomed to controlling the thought waves of the mind.  (Please see the links below from some great guided meditations to get you started)

As we continue to consistently practice awareness, we become more attuned to the thoughts that serve our purpose.  Sometimes this will feel difficult, especially when in the throes of extreme emotion.

But practicing patience with oneself is also an important part of exercising awareness.  Don’t worry if you cannot bring awareness to your thoughts for a time, but keep trying and have faith that you will return to your practice when ready.

You cannot fail and it will never be too late, but the longer you allow yourself to remain in illusion, the more difficulties you are creating for yourself.

Let your Will be the tool of your spirit by consistently bringing your thoughts back to truth, and deliver yourself on the course of your destiny.