I used to be somewhat of a hypochondriac…suffering over the physical pain, discomfort and bodily illnesses that I experienced.

I always found something in the physical world to blame for my perceived lack of health…whether that was imperfect food, air…

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Perception of Blame

I have no typical response to feeling blamed. I only allow myself to experience the feeling, and bear witness to whatever response arises through myself and through the others in my field of perception.

Through faith in miracles of healing…

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I don’t need to defend myself when someone seems to be blaming me.

To me, blame is like an explosion of repressed judgment. It’s a delusional yet innocent attempt to divert the mind’s self attacks by attacking another self.


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Daily Thought: Stress

Stress is a form of self victimization. Be present to the feeling, just noticing what reflection of you is being blamed for creating your stress, and in time your ‘need’ to feel stressed will dissolve.

Daily Thought: Blame

Blame is a form of denial. It is employed by ego to maintain one’s sense of separate self by hiding the truth that what’s being perceived is really orchestrated according to the perceiver’s own unresolved judgment.