Choiceless Relating

People come together for a single purpose, and when their interacting is not necessary, they are drawn apart.

Choiceless relating is the reality, but Ego makes stories about these movements, none of which are true…

…as if i chose to allow so and so into my life because…or i broke our relationship off because…or why don’t they want to see me anymore?

The more ego is permitted to pretend like it can choose with whom i relate, the more unhappy interactions becomes necessary.

Of course, as ego chatter is seen as false, Self Love and Self Respect become the attractive forces in the psyche, and as such the apparent person is naturally drawn toward those who adore, appreciate and care for them.

Blessings are being sent with the assistance of Galbanum and Cape Chamomile.


The only true Choice is whether to let awareness get swept away on the winds of thought, or to abide in the infinite and unchanging Truth right now.

Worldly choices are being made automatically through mental conditioning. Just let those choices be what they are, so that you are not distracted from the opportunity at hand.

Unhindered Joy

Everything that is done through our bodies and everything that we experience is a choice we make from a point of view that’s beyond our cognitive senses.

Even the abuse that we may have endured in the past was chosen by us from the perspective that we could maintain Peace no matter what – and that Peace would not only keep us uplifted, but it would invite our fellow humans into a lighter way of being.

Only in this moment can we choose to perceive the past from a point of view that unlocks the conditions we have placed on this world – so that we may be an example of unhindered Joy that’s possible for everyone.