Addicted to Dreams

Another person’s perceived addiction is not worthy of your attention. What’s really asking for your attention in this situation is your own mind’s addiction to interfering with other peoples’ way of being. 
Although the urge to interfere when someone seems to be abusing their self seems compassionate, quite the opposite is true. 
That urge is a signal that your child-mind is being denied the comfort of feeling protected from habitual beLIEf that its peace and happiness can be determined by other peoples’ behavior. 
Perceived lack of peace and happiness arises for the mind who has been led by its own understanding, lost and confused without your guidance. 
As long as you are asleep to the truth of who you are, your child-mind wanders this world hopelessly addicted to dreams, and without the benefit of compassion that can only come from You. 
…and of course, the child-mind who has not received the benefit Your compassion can only teach its brothers and sisters how to remain miserably addicted to dreams. 
Let not your mind wander aimlessly in this world trying to make its dreams come true. 
Know that you are the Answer to all of its seeking, and communion with You at the end of all dreams is where your mind really wants to be. 
Thank you for being the Only source of peace and happiness! I love you!

Emotions in Perspective

When I speak of love, compassion and appreciation, I’m not speaking of emotions.

These are words that describe the perspective from which the full range of emotions is meant to be experienced.

From said perspective, it’s impossible to act out of emotional ignorance, and therefore peace and harmony (God’s love) prevails in every circumstance.

And if ever I find myself taken by emotion, I can and do choose to return to the benevolent perspective whereby all matters of ignorance immediately resolved.

Much love!

Great Comforter

Angry, sad, violent, frustrated, blameful or stressed mind is a reflection of childhood fear. Whether childhood fear comes up through myself or another person I’m aware that it’s a cry for comfort, and I’m also aware that the Great Comforter abides within myself.

Accordingly, I don’t take these things personal. This way, instead of reacting, I can be present to respond as I’m meant to.

Much Aloha!

Forgiveness is not Permissive

Just because I can allow forgiveness for any and all trespasses, it doesn’t meanPhoto Jun 21, 6 57 57 AM that I’ve become permissive.

For instance, when I believed that my mom’s ex-partner was unforgivable for having sexually violated me, that made me into a victim/survivor.

This perspective led to a lack of compassion in me for the pain he must have been experiencing, which spilled over to lack of compassion for what anyone else was going through…and because I could not recognize their humanness, people became as objects to me…especially my own children.

It’s relatively true that through judgment, I was successful in protecting my daughter from an experience similar to mine, and for that I’m very grateful.

It’s also true that I was unable to recognize that my daughter felt hurt by my controlling, demeaning and sarcastic behavior for many years as she was growing up.

Now that I can recognize the man who caused the most pain for me in the light of pure love, it doesn’t mean I’m going to hang out with him or have him come over and watch my kids.

But forgiveness has made me quite sensitive to the energy of people who are afraid, and who mean to express their fear by taking advantage of others. When I encounter such an individual, I don’t need to pursue any judgment that arises in my mind…and so compassion for whatever they are going through is naturally shared.

Because compassion is universal, I’m naturally moved toward those who are capable of loving me well…and I’m naturally moved to protect others from being violated or used by another person…all without the use of control, manipulation or disparagement.

In Love!

Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness is the key to compassionate communication. Forgiveness happens when we fully realize that what we perceived to be hurtful behavior was an innocent attempt to get Love.

This does not mean we purposely subject ourselves to hurtful behavior or consciously engage in hurtful behavior.

When we perceive hurtful behavior (whether in the moment or as a reverberation from a past memory) , we create space for ourselves – not drama. If need be, we let other people know we require some time alone – we don’t make anyone out to be wrong.

We breathe consciously while feeling into and embracing the energetic resonance that creates our perception of hurtful behavior, and allow that resonance to change and subside on its own.

We hold space for ourselves in this way for as long and as often as necessary. We know forgiveness has occurred when we are no longer holding the person (self or other) in condemnation about the behavior, we no longer feel remorseful or victimized by it, and we can appreciate the awakening opportunity that has been presented.

From this perspective, we can see clearly whether communication and/or conscious physical movement into alignment with our present truth is necessary – and we can proceed effortlessly in the energy of Compassion.


Mind-Made Compassion: Focusing on Your Suffering is Causing me to Suffer, so I’m going to Help You Out – in order to Make both of us Feel Better.

Divine Compassion: This Feeling Sensation is Embraced within the Recognition that Every Perception of Suffering is Illusion; AND I’m HereNow in Joyful Service to All.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Mind-Made Compassion. This is what all Good People do. It’s just that there’s another dimension of Compassion that’s Truly Therapeutic because it Doesn’t FEED energy into the mind-made Illusion of Suffering.  How to be Shifted? Remember to stay Alert and Watch as the Mind Automatically offers Commentary that gives Credence to Suffering; and Notice how it Feels when you believe that Commentary.

Keep it up, and your Individual Path to Divine Compassion will be revealed.  If you Forget to Remember, that’s OK – another Opportunity is Coming up. Allow Forgiveness for what has gone before to stay prepared in the Present Moment.

Perfect World

This Sandalwood from East India (Mysore), has been used for centuries along with the intent to stay devoted to Love/God. For many it has served and does serve as a powerful tool to keep one re-minded of the Truth that awareness is before thought. A few drops at the third eye is a favorite practice with this oil. It's also one of the best oils for skincare, and therefore it can be included in any daily beauty regimen. The aroma is mild, a bit woody and feels very calming.

There is nothing wrong in the world. The world is a perfect reflection of the mind. That which has been imagined and practiced in thought is being presented now to the degree that mental attention has been given to it.

You are the One you’ve been waiting  for – the steward of your world/perception in this moment.  You are the alchemist – the one holding all the power to transform the energy that creates your reality.

Remaining devoted to All Encompassing Love (your true essence) can feel difficult when faced with emotional temptation. Mental fabrications are made out to feel so real through the emotions upon which they arise, that it can be uncomfortable –  even painful to look beyond their illusion.

But beneath the discomfort and pain is your true home – the source of your beingness, where the warm embrace of Compassion stands ready to relieve you of who you think you are.

Self Compassion Heals Suffering

The level of intelligence of any living being dictates how specifically they are able to create for themselves and for the world. Human beings aren’t victims or villains. We are the most powerful creators to ever walk this planet, and just like everything else, we are created and sustained by the energy of pure Love.

When we notice anyone suffering, the ego naturally seeks to protect the self image by ignoring the pain of another person, judging them for having created their circumstance or projecting thoughts that feel like victimization. All of these create an energy of disempowerment and reinforce the pattern of pain which manifests in our lives time and time again.

Everything in our experience is a reflection of ourselves. It’s human nature to lay blame on “others” for creating things that disturb us, but the truth is that each and every one of us is responsible because everything in our world is created by consciousness, and we are that consciousness.

Likewise, when we feel defeated for ourselves or for anyone else, we add our energy to the current that has created and sustains the thing that we do not like. Surrender instead to the way things are, and gently shift your perspective toward feeling more Joyful about the possibilities.

Anything is always possible but we cannot be receptive to possibilities for the change we seek while we are focused on what we perceive as “problems”.

Compassion is the key to creating new momentum for the one suffering and for everything else. This means allowing the pain to be what it is without judgment, and consistently returning our thoughts to focus on that which brings us Joy in the present moment.

This is not lying to ourselves because the authentic Self aka The Observer orchestrates all life circumstances for the benefit of the being, and is Joyful no matter what.  Have compassion for yourself first for creating something that disturbs you, shift your thought-based energy to project your Joyful perspective, and heal the world with your presence.

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Dealing Consciously with a Suicidal Friend

You are not the cause of anyone’s suffering, but whenever you experience anyones suffering, it becomes your responsibility. Your friend is not the self image that you hold of them in your mind.

Each person is a vehicle transporting a powerful being though this time-space environment, and every being is another aspect of the real You. If you could see people as they really are, you would know that the self image is only a projection of the belief patterns currently being followed by the ego.

The real Self orchestrates everything in our experience for the refinement of our being. A suicide experience is the culmination of all thoughts projected by the various egos through which the being has expressed over many lifetimes.

Self limiting beliefs create patterns of energy in our vibration that resist our true essence. The trials and tribulations (such as suicidal tendencies) to which the ego is subjected are for the purpose of exposing those resistant patterns, which creates opportunity for deep healing.

When anyone feels sorry for another person, they join in the other person’s suffering. By joining in the suffering of another, we add energy to current of resistance, which can only serve to reinforce that which keeps them bound to illusion and dis-ease.
When dealing with a suicidal friend, look past the surface of personal pain, and offer comfort to the inner being by seeing them for how they truly are – powerful and pure! From that perspective, you are adding to the energetic current of healing and total well being, and any action you take, If you are so inspired, will be much more effective.

It takes courage to be compassionate. Gather your strength from within, and you will prevail.

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