Victims & Villains

The mind seeks to compare people against one another and project delusion by making some people out to be victims and others to be villains.

When you make the delusion you perceive in ‘others’ your concern, your consciousness is hooked to an emotional pattern whereby your energy is given to create more of the subject delusion – and resulting manifestations – that give ‘reason’ for your concern.

It takes great courage to see through delusion and allow your world’s victims and villains to be in a state of grace – because this contradicts how ego (energy of fear) dictates that you ‘should’ respond.  Be willing to let go of concepts about how the ‘other’ should be, and let the warrior within perform the necessary alchemy to turn delusion into solutions that glorify All.

Daily Thought: Courage and Will

It takes courage and will to keep returning to the path of least resistance. Fear tempts everyOne to believe thoughts that create inner turmoil, but the one who consciously and deliberately determines the meaning of their thoughts allows the beliefs that create the ‘need’ for struggle to simply dissolve.