Creation Happens

For about 5 years I took the idea that “I create my own reality” literally. This was good for me at the time because I had experienced such extreme spiritual abuse as a child that I wanted nothing to do…

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Evolution and Creation

The debate about whether humans evolved from apes is irrelevant to this moment, and only serves as a smokescreen that keeps human consciousness mired in the dualistic perpetuation of suffering.


Creation and evolution are not separate phenomena. Life evolves in every moment according to the perspective of conscious intelligence.

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The Rhythm of Deliberate Creation

In the material world, conscious energy expresses itself as thought, which is projected through the filter of mind and memory. Our thought-based focus determines the rhythmic patterns we project through our material form, which in turn causes possibilities that harmonize with that rhythm to manifest.

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Love and Hate

Many of us believe that in order to effectuate positive change in the world, we must hate that which has already been created in order to motivate our will.

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