Creation Happens

For about 5 years I took the idea that “I create my own reality” literally. This was good for me at the time because I had experienced such extreme spiritual abuse as a child that I wanted nothing to do with spirituality until I thought it would help me get what I wanted out of life.

Now that I’ve had my own experience of what’s true though, I see that believing in such a fantasy was causing conflict, especially in my interpersonal relationships. It’s not that the idea is totally false, it’s just that the ego turns the idea of people creating their own realities into a game of learning how to get what is personally wanted.

In my experience, whenever something “good” happened I would try to figure out how to recreate it and whenever something “bad” happened I would try to see how I created it so that I wouldn’t have to create it again. But what was really occurring was attachment to a sensation that felt good and resistance to a sensation that felt bad.

Whenever I played this game the ego would gain strength, until even the good sensations were met with anxiety because I wanted them to stay and not turn into bad feelings and lessons again.

But now that I have seen for myself what is true, life is not personal for me. Whether a good or bad sensation arises, I either remain centered or return to center after being briefly taken back into the dream of being a separate self.

In this, I’ve found that there is really no attachment or resistance to people, circumstances or external objects. Attachment and resistance is a mental reaction to “good” and “bad” sensations, and the external world is only a reflection of those reactions.

If I am reactive to sensations, I create misery for myself and the people who are close to me. But when I recognize that life is not even personal and ride every wave of sensation with gratitude, peace and happiness is increased exponentially for me and my relations.

In this way I create my own reality, not in the literal sense as if everything that happens in my perception was somehow designed by my personal self. Because this understanding has permeated my mind, I hope for nothing, I want nothing, I resist nothing, I hate nothing, and I’m exempt from being relieved or disappointed by circumstances.

I simply allow life to happen as it does and I experience every sensation exactly as it is. This is Heaven, but most people will not join me here because attachment to their personal self has them mesmerized in the belief that they are the subject and the world is full of objects that can either make them happy or unhappy.

I understand the burden of carrying around this heavy belief system, and I’m here to help people see their way through it when they’re willing to give their selves up. But in the meantime, there is only compassion for the misery that people who operate under the idea that “I create my own reality” make for themselves.

I am neither affected by them, nor do I have any desire to make them realize true peace and happiness.

With love and appreciation!

Dismantling the System

One of the forces thDCIM101GOPROat’s set up in the mind to keep people in denial of God’s love and disconnected from one another is the perceived need to dismantle the powers and systems that seem to be running the world.

Thankfully, I’m aware that it’s not my business to dismantle anything unless I happen to be dismantling something at the time, and so this delusional force can have no power over my consciousness.

Thoughts about how systems will be dismantled, when it will happen, who will do it, and what will be the fallout is just more dancing with delusion from my perspective. I have observed that these ways of thinking are distractions….if I permit these kinds of thoughts to become relevant for me, I cannot also see the bigger picture as it relates to what’s happening in me and through me right now.

I’ve heard all the mental arguments about how frivolous it is to focus on right now when all these horrible things are happening in the world, but it’s been made abundantly clear to my mind that it’s the other way around…Frivolity is focusing on ignorance and thinking that ignorance can be dismantled through more ignorance.

In this way, I am not concerned with, nor do I have any opinion or idea about other people who seem set in their ways and unwilling to transcend that which holds them to the perception of lack and the need to blame. These people are not my job, but my reflection.

What do I do with all reflections of mine that appear to lack love? I observe what my mind is holding against them, and let it be.

In this way, my mind is free to creatively imagine and my body is free to express whatever brings joy to my heart…instead of being bound by perception of lack.

It’s so simple, it seems difficult, and that’s why the mind that worships its own intellectual prowess cannot fathom what’s really true.

Much love!

Freedom of Choice

It’s simply insane – the belief that the Child needs discipline, pressure and/or manipulation in order to be deserving of love. What’s really desired for the child is Freedom – the same Freedom our Free Spirit desires for ourselves – but which we are too fearful to allow.

Because we do not recognize this self created conflict between Free Spirit and the make believe self, we unwittingly do everything we can to suppress Free Spirit by believing our own judgments and enforcing them on our children.

In the name of responsible parenting, we raise our kids to hold the same limitations about the world and about themselves that we have been unwilling to give up. We teach them that without our ‘guidance’, they would be unloveable, unworthy, and that they would fail.

If we knew our own being, we would not pretend that disciplining the child can create love, value or success for them. We’d allow them to make their own choices and to be responsible for those choices – while enjoying our experience of them.

But instead we largely operate from this fantasy that we are responsible for the Child’s choices, and we don’t want to look bad, or be upset if our child suffers or creates suffering. So we opt for the illusion of control.

There’s freedom in knowing that we have the freedom to choose, and that we are choosing in each moment. The experience of such self responsibility is what allows the creative genius in each of us to blossom.

The child is already free – the whole structure of discipline and rules is a mindset the child will break as soon as they become aware of their power. In this way, the child does not need anyone to set them free, but by extending freedom to the child, we extend it to all of Life, and that opens ourselves to receive the experience of more creativity, peace, abundance and joy.

What does it take to extend freedom to the child? Simply notice when we are trying to make the child ‘better’ than they are right now, or than they can be without our input. This is illusion! We are just fooling ourselves by believing that disciplining, pressuring or otherwise manipulating the Child is going to create anything we actually want.

Just notice. That’s all there is to do. You are the Light in your own dark room. Be in awareness.

No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and heartfelt desires.

We are all aspects of creativity, unlimited beings with our unique visions and expressions being an integral part of the tapestry of this limitation-based ‘reality’. Resistant feeling is like a signpost that invites us to stretch imagination beyond that which we currently hold to be true in order to shift ‘reality’ toward the creative visions and heartfelt desires we hold for ourselves and for our world.

Seeing resistant feeling as something wrong is of itself the cause of frustration, pain and suffering as it holds us to mental patterns that continually recreate what’s already known.

Nothing is ever going wrong! Resistance is a Gift, but as long as we perceive it as a curse, we make it so.

The ongoing practice of receiving the Gift is to recognize when resistant feeling arises, and watch the accompanying thoughts as if watching a show, movie or play, and notice how the feeling moves and evolves. If resistance is acted upon, that’s ok. We simply return to watching as soon as possible.

This practice uses resistance to bring unconscious beliefs into awareness, where they can easily and automatically be resolved. Each of us is invited to do this for ourselves and for the world, and to keep going until every upset is met with compassion, appreciation and peace.

Love Message: Ownership

You don’t really own anything, but whatever you think you own is given power over you.

Whether it’s material possessions, emotional patterns, children, or physical conditions – if you consider it yours, your awareness is preoccupied with thoughts about keeping it, improving it, controlling it or overcoming it – leaving little or no space for present enjoyment.

All forms are just for creative play. See what’s in front of you in this moment, appreciate what you can, and remember that it’s your reflection – not your possession.


Not by Works

Because the majority of humans identify with a false sense of self, most of us sacrifice Being in favor of doing.

We have conditioned ourselves to believe that hard work and struggle is the way to create a meaningful life. In accordance with those beliefs, we sacrifice our health, happiness and peace of mind to meet the expectations for ‘success’ and ‘service’ created in the mind.

But our real power is our creativity, not physical or mental prowess. Our human abilities to calculate and act are only tools for the maneuvering of form toward that which has already been created in thought. To the extent calculation and/or action is substituted for creativity, humanity creates their own suffering.

Since most of us have been conditioned to project thought energy that reflects our beliefs in physical labor and/or mental manipulation as a means to create a life, we wind up working ourselves into mental and physical dis-ease in our endeavor to attain a fleeting sense of self worth. Fear and fatigue permeate the being when awareness is focused in a competitive state of mind because awareness is the conduit for source energy, and the more awareness is mired with belief created out of judgment that separation is real, the more the conduit to the Breath of Life is constricted.

When we work ourselves into what feels like bondage, it’s because our energy of awareness has been constricted and thus we are not allowing the essence of freedom/clarity/peace to penetrate perception – it’s like having our back to the sun and believing the shadow we cast to be the only reality. This limited vision causes many people to eventually resign their self to a life of mental, physical and spiritual dissatisfaction because they can see no other way.

In a state of delusion, the mind presents thoughts that point out all the circumstantial difficulties between what we are and what we wish we could be, while condemning people whom we perceive as greedy, selfish, unfair, spoiled or abusive. Then we may endeavor to work feverishly toward what we think we deserve and/or use mental manipulation to control people or situations.

Any ‘success’ while in a state of delusion creates difficulty in the attainment and the journey to that attainment is fraught with feelings of guilt, greed, deprivation and resentment which do not naturally subside after ‘success’ is declared. In an effort to feel better, many ‘successful’ people create a ‘charitable’ self image by giving money to causes or offering service to help the so-called less fortunate. However, since a delusional person’s ‘charity’ is only an extension of the same ignorance that led to the benefactor’s dis-ease (ie: fearful beliefs are taken as true), even in their effort to be helpful, one only creates more dis-ease.

The truth is that every single person on Earth is born into this material environment as powerful creators, not by our own works but through honoring all desires, devotion to the truth of ‘who we are’, and willingness to take inspired and detached action when opportunity to share our unique gifts is presented. This means that if action cannot be offered as a labor of love (without expectation), rest and rejuvenation are in order until inspiration returns.

Through the persistent surrendering of perception to thoughts that align with the soul, especially in moments of delusion (fearful beliefs are taken to be true), one allows perception to be inspired, and the action steps which facilitate the ‘evidence’ of that inspiration become obvious and feel Joyful.

Until we are able to sacrifice the egocentric need for self meaning, we cannot fully experience the blessings and beauty that we have come forth to create. By releasing the idea that we have to do anything at all, we re-learn to enjoy being in the present moment without worry or despair; and Life is allowed to flow in a manner that commands peace of mind and manifestations of like kind.

Be true to the Real You and let your presence be a testament to the Love that you are.

Channeled Message: Becoming

Just as All of Life is becoming according to collective thought, so too is your personal ‘reality’ becoming according to your own thought.

Condemning anything trains the focus of your awareness upon what you have rejected about what IS, thus causing what’s been rejected to become more prevalent in your world while limiting your ability to imagine, and thereby create anything new.


Invocation of Presence

For the purpose of this article, “Presence” means conscious overview of the thoughts and feelings being entertained within your awareness. Your physical body can only be focused into a single location at any point in time, and when your Presence is focused there too, experiences are seamlessly digested and your perspective is advanced for the evolution of your world.

The only thing that prevents you from being fully Present is internal conflict which manifests as emotion. Emotion makes your thought based perceptions feel real, and the emotion you are feeling is an indication of how much Presence you are allowing around and between your thoughts.

Specifically, all thought is a patterned mental/emotional response, which leads deeper into unconsciousness in the absence of conscious overview (Presence). Presence directs your awareness toward those thought patterns that feel more closely attuned with your non-emotional yet eternally Joyful essence. In this regard, the closer your thoughts feel to contentment, the more presence you are allowing around thought – while less contentment means you are allowing less presence.

So the question then becomes “how can I feel contentment when I really hate what’s happening?” The answer to that question is Acceptance and Appreciation – which “happens” within the remembrance that everything happens for you.  That remembrance can be invoked by slow, deep breathing and the consistent allowance of silent space between thoughts.

It’s futile to resist thoughts that you think you should not be having, because it’s the having of those thoughts that inspires your creativity. Simply allowing Presence around and between thoughts leads your awareness to thought patterns that feel better, while resistance to your thoughts leads in the opposite direction.

Contentment is not a goal that you have to achieve, but the emotional direction in which Presence leads your thinking irrespective of circumstance.

All that you perceive is only a reflection of the feelings that you have allowed to take form through the focus of your thought, and your conscious aspect (Presence) feels like the ultimate bliss/pleasure/joy/comfort – transcending all emotion. Just by looking for things in your perception that please you, and/or imagining what would please you more, you are invoking Presence for the creation of more pleasure in your world.

Conversely, to the degree you are focused on things in your perception that evoke anger, worry, sorrow, desperation, etc. – you are resisting presence and relying instead upon Ego aka fear – which is only capable of offering thoughts that evoke more fearful feelings which are then reflected in your world.

The temptation to be driven by unconscious thought comes in the form of things and people (including yourself) that you don’t like, or want to change. Your perception of such things immediately decreases your happy feeling because it shifts more of your awareness away from the moment and into the fear-based Egoic mind.

This is not to say the Egoic mind is a bad thing, or that feeling uncomfortable emotion should be avoided. This is about being aware of how much Presence is being allowed at any given time so that you can navigate your awareness back into alignment with ‘who you are’ when you’re ready.

The more you practice allowing Presence, the easier it will come to you, and your world will evolve in a way that is ever more pleasing from your perspective. Amaze yourself by giving your awareness over to the only aspect of yourself that is capable of creating a world you might describe as “heaven”, and exalt your material aspect in this very moment in time.