Creation Happens

For about 5 years I took the idea that “I create my own reality” literally. This was good for me at the time because I had experienced such extreme spiritual abuse as a child that I wanted nothing to do…

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Creation happens

I don't create my own anything. Creation happens of its own accord.

My purpose is only to experience what's being created without trying to claim it or deny it.

Dismantling the System

One of the forces thDCIM101GOPROat’s set up in the mind to keep people in denial of God’s love and disconnected from one another is the perceived need to dismantle the powers and systems that seem to be running the…

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Freedom of Choice

It's simply insane - the belief that the Child needs discipline, pressure and/or manipulation in order to be deserving of love. What's really desired for the child is Freedom - the same Freedom our Free Spirit desires for ourselves -…

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No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and…

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Love Message: Ownership

You don’t really own anything, but whatever you think you own is given power over you.

Whether it’s material possessions, emotional patterns, children, or physical conditions - if you consider it yours, your awareness is preoccupied with thoughts about keeping…

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Not by Works

Since most of us have been conditioned to project thought energy that reflects our beliefs in physical labor and/or mental manipulation as a means to create a life, we wind up working ourselves into mental and physical dis-ease in our endeavor to attain a fleeting sense of self worth.

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Channeled Message: Becoming

Just as All of Life is becoming according to collective thought, so too is your personal 'reality' becoming according to your own thought.

Condemning anything trains the focus of your awareness upon what you have rejected about what IS, thus…

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Daily Thought: Thought

How does that thought make you feel? Thoughts have creative power - they resonate throughout the Universe and beyond to draw whatever is a vibrational match to your feelings for the ongoing redefinition of your self, your life and your world.

Invocation of Presence

For the purpose of this article, "Presence" means conscious overview of the thoughts and feelings being entertained within your awareness. Your physical body can only be focused into a single location at any point in time, and when your Presence…

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