Love Message: Feeling Offended?

Feeling offended by anyOne’s words or behavior is a mental projection of judgment that you hold for your mind made self. There is only One – the separate self is not real – forgiveness of self judgment will give you the ability to recognize the Divine blessing within every expression and be only Love in response thereto.

What you perceive has no power over you, but your response to what you perceive is creating your experience of Life.

Judgment Sparks Creative Inspiration

Each person is infused with spirit that is powerful, pure and capable of having a life experience independent of the reality that society has created for us. “Right” and “wrong” are only concepts of mind based on individual perception. The idea that anything ever goes “wrong” is self limiting and creates a sense of victimization. In reality, everything has always gone perfect given all thought that has come before.

The system of greed that currently runs our world requires our cooperation in order to sustain itself. That’s why we are conditioned to support it through education, religion and media. But it has always been we who hold the power to free our minds and transform our world.

It’s just a matter of clearing the fear-based beliefs that we need anything outside of ourselves to create a Joyful reality.   From the mindset that we cannot live without something, our words, deeds, and thought based energy attracts disharmony.

We have the ability to judge whether we like anything or not and direct our focus accordingly so that we may experience the aspect of Self that is pure Joy aka Love aka Understanding – which is the driving force of our human existence. When we honor our own judgment and focus our thought energy on what we want, we harness the power of creation to fulfill our destiny. We only set ourselves on a one way train to mental anguish when we keep focusing on what we do not like, do not have or have not become.

Humans are the judges of the world, and we are constantly passing judgment about how things are. But when we do so with awareness, we transform judgment to acceptance and fear into inspiration.

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The Rhythm of Deliberate Creation

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The Universe is constantly expanding, undulating and flowing to the harmony of the countless rhythmic patterns that resist and attract one another as necessary to maintain the delicate balance that makes anything and everything possible.  Even that which appears to be chaos is in perfect harmonic accord with the whole of existence.

Universal intelligence is limitless possibilities existing as rhythmic vibratory patterns with the potential to manifest everything seen and unseen, known and unknown.  Conscious energy is the impulse that creates every action, and every action attracts a reaction – all of which occur in perfect harmony with the Universal flow.

In the material world, conscious energy expresses itself as thought, which is projected through the filter of mind and memory.  Our thought-based focus determines the rhythmic patterns we project through our material form, which in turn causes possibilities that harmonize with that rhythm to manifest.

Inner rhythm is the subtle voice of spirit, constantly calling us to become more that what we already know. To the extent that our thought-based energy is in harmony with our inner rhythm, we experience peace of mind.

Conversely, when our thoughts are rhythmically dissonant to our inner rhythm, we feel like something is out of order or in need of “fixing”.  While nothing can ever remove us from being within the harmonic flow of Universal order, to the extent that we believe thoughts of limitation, we experience complete chaos.

But there are no missteps, and nothing is ever out of order. Anything that we humans label as unwanted, bad or wrong is only based on our mental perception of the reality that consciousness has created, and which it continues to create based upon our perception from moment to moment.

Our power of deliberate creation is in our ability to recognize our inner rhythm and to choose the thoughts that harmonize with it. For whatever we seek to change or improve in our experience, we have only to focus on our new perspective with the belief that it is being created, and that belief attracts the possibilities that manifest accordingly.

Since having a life experience means we are constantly subject to sensory influences that cause the connection between the ego mind and our inner rhythm to become distorted or disconnected, it helps to employ a daily practice to develop and strengthen inner focus. Regular practice also creates a habit of mental discernment as to which thoughts support the direction of spirit as it expresses through inner rhythm.

Some effective tools for re-establishing and reinforcing mind/body connection and mental discernment are dance, art, music, martial arts, yoga (especially the practices Kundalini and Dahn), and meditation.

Clear your mind, find your rhythm and deliberately choose thoughts that resonate with possibilities that glorify yourself as an integral part of everything.

Habitual Awareness

Deliberate creation is nothing more than a novel concept until it is put into practice. Because the illusion of mortality is so deeply ingrained in the human psyche, it takes consistent practice over time before anyone starts changing the course of their life.

The beginner may feel excited and optimistic about getting what they want, and thus they become eager to reap the benefits of deliberate creation.  But biological imprints from past lives coupled with the conditioning we have received during this lifetime have formed powerful habit patterns that lead most people back into delusion and despair.

Because our mental programming is so powerful, the odds of becoming a deliberate creator are stacked against us. It takes practice and repetition before our energy shifts enough to make a noticeable difference in our lives.

For this reason, faith is the foundation that gives us the ability to maintain intent over whatever amount of time it takes for the individual to transform.  Through faith we can find the courage to keep going until the benefits speak loudly all by themselves.

Each thought is our energetic offering that determines what we are manifesting, and only in the moments of attentiveness are we able to expose and redirect self limiting thoughts as they arise. In doing so, we shift our energy for that moment – which positively affects our manifestation.

But until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of separation and limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

Each time we ask the question: “How am I feeling and what am I thinking?”, our energetic offering is improved in that moment of awareness.  By making it a habit to “check in”, we eventually retrain the body and mind to be receptive to more beneficial thought patterns.

It’s also very helpful to quiet the mind through a practice of meditation in order to get accustomed to controlling the thought waves of the mind.  (Please see the links below from some great guided meditations to get you started)

As we continue to consistently practice awareness, we become more attuned to the thoughts that serve our purpose.  Sometimes this will feel difficult, especially when in the throes of extreme emotion.

But practicing patience with oneself is also an important part of exercising awareness.  Don’t worry if you cannot bring awareness to your thoughts for a time, but keep trying and have faith that you will return to your practice when ready.

You cannot fail and it will never be too late, but the longer you allow yourself to remain in illusion, the more difficulties you are creating for yourself.

Let your Will be the tool of your spirit by consistently bringing your thoughts back to truth, and deliver yourself on the course of your destiny.