Deliberate Creation

Love Message: Feeling Offended?

Feeling offended by anyOne’s words or behavior is a mental projection of judgment that you hold for your mind made self. There is only One – the separate self is not real – forgiveness of self judgment will give you…

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Channeled Message: Intentional Creation

Whatever you are perceiving Now is the culmination of all thought you have projected before.
In the Now moment is your opportunity to consciously choose what meaning, if any, you attach to what you are thinking – and intentionally plant…

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Daily Thought: Thought

How does that thought make you feel? Thoughts have creative power – they resonate throughout the Universe and beyond to draw whatever is a vibrational match to your feelings for the ongoing redefinition of your self, your life and your world.

Judgment Sparks Creative Inspiration

Judgment is not good or bad, right or wrong. It is the manner in which we determine where to direct our creative energy. When we embrace that which we have judged, we spark our own creativity and direct ourselves on the path toward our destiny.

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The Rhythm of Deliberate Creation

In the material world, conscious energy expresses itself as thought, which is projected through the filter of mind and memory. Our thought-based focus determines the rhythmic patterns we project through our material form, which in turn causes possibilities that harmonize with that rhythm to manifest.

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Habitual Awareness

until we shift our underlying beliefs, we are constantly bombarded with thoughts that entice us back into the illusion of limitation. For this reason, persistent practice is the key to developing an individual perspective that leads to infinite blessings.

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