Most Influential Religion

The most influential religion in the Universe is belief in thoughts about how things and people ‘should’ be. This is the only religion worth scrutinizing because when you recognize its untruth, the religion of mind is lost, and only Love/Bliss/Peace remains.

Seeking for Change is the Delusion

The mind seeks to know why something is wrong, and then find the solution in order to make it right. However, no-thing is wrong until you mentally deem it so, and by deeming something to be wrong, all you have done is given the feeling of ‘wrong’ power over your energy of awareness.

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Channeled Message: The Greatest Delusion

The greatest delusion is that you are not already free and unlimited. You are living Now exactly that which you have created up to Now according to the specifications you have offered through the frequency of your own thought.


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Channeled Message: Positioning

Agree or disagree makes do difference. They are opposite extremes of the same positioning tactic employed by ego to validate the delusion that the self is separate and ‘better’ than what’s being perceived.

Who Are "Your People"?

To those who perceive the need to unite only people who are labeled as “Black” descendants of Africa – and to exclude people you identify as being of different colors, races and/or geological roots:

I understand that people have suffered…

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"Should" is the Language of Delusion

Releasing “should” and “should not” from our mental dictionary is not about whether anyone should or should not take action – it’s about choosing action based on intuition rather than pursuant to our mental perception of what “should” or “should…

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