Getting What is Wanted

I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration when I thought that I wanted things out of life. Some time ago I became aware that desire naturally flows through me, like a river that never dries up…but for awhile I didn’t realize that desire didn’t belong to me, and so I thought that I wanted “my desires” to be made manifest.

In this present state of being without wanting (some call this desirelessness), the river of desire still continues to flow through me…it’s just that there is no longer identification with wanting for any desire to manifest.

At some point it became obvious to me that the purpose of desire is to create opportunities to allow more joy through feeling sensations, but instead of allowing more joy right then and there, I noticed that my mind had developed a strong tendency to employ mental strategies in order to pursue desire.

Once I became aware of this tendency, I noticed more and more how unnatural it felt to pursue any desire at the expense of present moment joy. So instead of reacting to desire by moving into mental strategies, my mind gradually became more willing to give up strategies in favor of allowing the sensation of desire itself to move my emotional body into alignment with joy.

At this point, my mind’s dominant tendency is to allow joy no matter what. And since joy only leads to more joy, I can expect to experience more joy going forward (which is a joy in itself).

The joy I speak of is not dependent on any outcome or happening of this world. Indeed, as soon as there’s wanting for a particular outcome, I can feel my emotional body immediately being moved in resistance to joy.

And since I’m willing to feel the sensation of resisting joy, I’m naturally moved back into the vibrational frequency of joy without hardship or striving.

Because of this, everything gets done through me, as I’m effortlessly moved toward that which is truly desired by me….the physical manifestation of which is often different from what the mind thinks is desired.

Knowing that This is available to everyone who desires it, the river of desire fills me with eager anticipation and willingness to share. Mahalo!


Whenever I find myself yearning for something that seems to be missing, I know that I am ready to recognize the concepts that led me there…and for me, that recognition is far more valuable than fulfillment of any personal desire.


For me, birthdays and anniversaries are built in reasons for celebration (not that celebration needs a reason).

But I have no desire to teach my man that he’s obligated to do anything special, including remember the date.

It’s only because I value his genuine presence so much that I wouldn’t want him to force or fake anything just to please me.


No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and heartfelt desires.

We are all aspects of creativity, unlimited beings with our unique visions and expressions being an integral part of the tapestry of this limitation-based ‘reality’. Resistant feeling is like a signpost that invites us to stretch imagination beyond that which we currently hold to be true in order to shift ‘reality’ toward the creative visions and heartfelt desires we hold for ourselves and for our world.

Seeing resistant feeling as something wrong is of itself the cause of frustration, pain and suffering as it holds us to mental patterns that continually recreate what’s already known.

Nothing is ever going wrong! Resistance is a Gift, but as long as we perceive it as a curse, we make it so.

The ongoing practice of receiving the Gift is to recognize when resistant feeling arises, and watch the accompanying thoughts as if watching a show, movie or play, and notice how the feeling moves and evolves. If resistance is acted upon, that’s ok. We simply return to watching as soon as possible.

This practice uses resistance to bring unconscious beliefs into awareness, where they can easily and automatically be resolved. Each of us is invited to do this for ourselves and for the world, and to keep going until every upset is met with compassion, appreciation and peace.

Desired Relationships

Your relations with other people are a mirror reflection of the relationship between your mind-made self and the desires you have set in motion through your life experience. In this way, your experiences of others are designed to help you define your heart’s desires and move into alignment/relational harmony with them.

To the extent you deny your desires for whatever reason, you experience emotional turmoil in your self and in your relationships. But when you get clear about what you desire in a relationship partner, with willingness to make those desires known, and without expectation that they will be fulfilled by any person in particular – you create a new momentum that moves you toward the relationships you desire.

In this regard, y0u’re invited to name the relational qualities you desire, speak them loud and clear, and then keep noticing without re-believing thoughts about what anybody should be doing for you or giving you, thoughts about how long any relationship should last and thoughts that say you can’t have what you truly desire.

In the moment you practice this awareness, your mind-made self is being transmuted into vibrational alignment with your desires – which automatically reflects as more harmony, satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships with everybody and everything.




Illumination of Darkness

Darkness/Evil/Suffering simply dissolve when exposed to the Light/Magnificence/Joy that you are. What’s being pointed to here is not two opposites that exist in dualistic mind – The Light that I speak of is beyond the mind – It’s the same Light that gives life to the mind and projects through the mind as many individuals.

It’s only because the Soul (individually focused Light) has permitted itself to become entranced by Mind that Darkness is even possible. The experience of Darkness is what produces the raw material from which new desires are formed, but only in the moment the Soul’s emotion is aligned with the newly formed desires are those desired being made manifest.

In the remembrance that Light is the one true identity, the experience of Darkness is a welcome friend, because it is seen clearly that Darkness is just like material for Light to form something new through the Soul’s Creative and Ecstatic play. The only thing that causes anyOne to be consumed by Darkness (and thereby create even more experiences of Darkness) is Belief that Darkness is a real threat that must be destroyed, proven wrong or protested.

To allow your self to be delivered from the grips of Darkness, simply pay attention to said beliefs as they cross your awareness. Through your attention, belief in Darkness will lose power over your consciousness, your thoughts and emotions will move into alignment with your desires, and Light will always prevail in your body/mind and in your world.

You are the Light, and Darkness is your friend. Just for this moment, you’re invited to Live on Purpose.

Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the mind can rationalize it based on what’s been done.

Moreover, nothing that’s done can ever have a lasting effect on feeling, and whatever feeling is evoked by circumstance soon becomes its opposite. The way out of feeling in polarity is to allow the desired feeling irrespective of circumstance.

Present feeling depicts how proximate the vibrational frequency of thoughts come to allowing desired feeling. Awareness of this enables you to discern where thoughts are leading, and to determine which thoughts, if any, you are willing follow.

The conditions of Life are always ideal for your awareness to return to unity with all that you desire; and every circumstance that draws your awareness into separation is another opportunity for transformation and growth through the return to unity.

You seize every such opportunity when you remember your intent to allow all things as they are HereNow, and let your awareness of the breath gently absolve your grip on anything that contradicts your intent.

In this way, the desired feeling can be experienced now, and whatever is done from that feeling becomes an expression of Heaven for your world.

Love Message: Motion

This too shall pass! Everything perceived is in motion, constantly manifesting according to the conscious response given to what’s being perceived Now.

To have your truest desires made manifest, let every concern go, take slow-deep breaths, and allow the spirit that burns within to direct the movement of consciousness (the One Force that creates all worlds) through your individualized perspective.

Love Message: Self cannot be made Selfless

The self cannot be made to be selfless. Selflessness aka beingness happens naturally for the one who allows all people (including their mind-created self) to be natural, without judgment or expectation.


Conversely, the one who endeavors to manipulate any person (including their self) creates self importance – a mental construct that serves to promote self ignorance.

Led by Desire

Whatever is wanted, it’s opposite is also unwanted. Wanted and unwanted are mental polarities with wanted being associated with the feeling of happiness, and unwanted being associated with unhappiness.


Every individual ‘want’ is a form of God’s pure desire for experience. Pure desire springs consistently from the Source of all awareness, is filtered through layers of mind-created self, and is expressed as a unique invitation to allow happiness – whatever that means to the individual at that point in their evolution.


The trouble most people have with desires is attachment to them – which could take the form of either ‘need’ to attain what’s desired, or repression of what’s desired.


Either way, it is the endeavor to gain control over that which is a force beyond control that makes desire feel like dis-ease. This would never be the case if desires were simply allowed, however, allowing is not the nature of mind.


According to individually held beliefs, the fearful mind is programmed to evoke thoughts that resist desire. Based upon what is desired coupled with the degree of resistance offered in response thereto, the mind leads awareness toward manifestations that are mentally calculated to prove that what one has been believing and feeling about their desire is true.


All feeling is emotional, taking form somewhere on the polarity scale between happiness and unhappiness, depending on what’s being imagined. Feeling of happiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘lighter’ vibrational polarity – and feeling of unhappiness is attuned with thoughts of the ‘heavier’ vibrational polarity.


Feeling is always in direct correlation with what one believes about the desires that arise within their awareness; and to the extent desire is being allowed without judgment, emotion moves automatically toward lightness (happiness); and likewise, to the extent desire is being resisted in thought, emotion moves automatically toward density (unhappiness).


Happiness attained through the energy of separation (fear), such that one mentally manipulates the elevation of their energy by creating a happy feeling based on circumstance, is experienced as shallow, fleeting and insecure  – because it’s foundation is really the ‘lighter’ pole of mental patterns in victim consciousness. This form of happiness, because it’s based on circumstance, powerfully attracts manifestations that correlate with the opposing feeling (unhappiness) – the denser pole of victim consciousness.


In ignorance, one uses perception of victimhood as ‘reason’ to further chase desires or repress them – depending on which they think will create a happy feeling, according to their individually held belief system.  In believing thought that assumes personal desire for enduring happiness can be attained by the mind-created self, one energetically aligns their ‘self’ with fearful thought/feeling, thus reinforcing associated mental/emotional patterns of victim consciousness, and causing their individual experience of those patterns to progressively become more extreme.


In contrast, the wise one knows that what’s ‘wanted’ leads toward experience of enduring happiness, and that every desire is another opportunity to allow thought to be moved in accordance therewith. One seizes such an opportunity by consciously releasing thoughts that contradict their desire, thus allowing the spirit within (the all-knowing aspect) to lift consciousness into states of mind that correlate with feelings of calm happiness.


As states of mind are transcended, emotional polarities become less extreme, and the full spectrum of feeling can be experienced with more clarity and less anxiety.


There is a distinction between chasing desire and allowing it; and understanding this distinction is an important key on the path toward pure being.