Getting What is Wanted

I experienced a lot of confusion and frustration when I thought that I wanted things out of life. Some time ago I became aware that desire naturally flows through me, like a river that never dries up...but for awhile I…

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Whenever I find myself yearning for something that seems to be missing, I know that I am ready to recognize the concepts that led me there...and for me, that recognition is far more valuable than fulfillment of any personal desire.


For me, birthdays and anniversaries are built in reasons for celebration (not that celebration needs a reason).

But I have no desire to teach my man that he's obligated to do anything special, including remember the date.

It's only because…

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No End to Resistance

Unlimited ImaginationThere is no end to resistance as long as we are manifested in a creative environment because the sensation of resistance exposes our presently held limitations and informs the course toward new limitations more in alignment our creative visions and…

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Desired Relationships

Your relations with other people are a mirror reflection of the relationship between your mind-made self and the desires you have set in motion through your life experience. In this way, your experiences of others are designed to help you…

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Illumination of Darkness

Darkness/Evil/Suffering simply dissolve when exposed to the Light/Magnificence/Joy that you are. What’s being pointed to here is not two opposites that exist in dualistic mind – The Light that I speak of is beyond the mind – It’s the same…

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Heaven First

Heaven first and all else falls in line. All doing is either for a desired feeling or out of a desired feeling, and when doing is for a desired feeling, mental energy makes that feeling unavailable to you until the…

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Love Message: Motion

This too shall pass! Everything perceived is in motion, constantly manifesting according to the conscious response given to what’s being perceived Now.

To have your truest desires made manifest, let every concern go, take slow-deep breaths, and allow the spirit…

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Love Message: Self cannot be made Selfless

The self cannot be made to be selfless. Selflessness aka beingness happens naturally for the one who allows all people (including their mind-created self) to be natural, without judgment or expectation.


Conversely, the one who endeavors to manipulate any…

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Led by Desire

Every individual 'want' is a form of spirit's pure desire for experience. Pure desire springs consistently from the Source, is filtered through layers of mind-created self, and is expressed as a unique invitation to allow happiness - whatever that means to the individual at that point in their evolution.

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