'The Devil' is Fear

The essence of God is pure, all-encompassing Love, which also creates and sustains this time-space illusion by directing pure awareness through the human mind.  To the extent that there is conflict in the mind (ie: thoughts that feel uncomfortable are taken as true), Love’s essence projects through the energy of fear, thus immediately creating a disturbing feeling in the body.

‘The Devil’ is a personification created by the human mind to explain fearful thoughts and feelings that arise within human awareness. What is labeled as ‘evil’ has manifested in the world and continues to do so according to the fearful thoughts projected by the collective Earth-focused awareness.

With all the conflict, struggle and suffering being lived in the world today, it’s apparent that ‘The Devil’ has been given a substantial amount of power in thought; and the paradox is that the more ‘The Devil’ is battled against, the more powerful ‘The Devil’ becomes.

In ignorance to their true identity, ‘The Devil’ is given life and sustenance by the unconscious (habitual) thought projection of ‘good’, well-meaning people. ‘The Devil’ can even consume awareness to the point that malevolence becomes one’s only available expression.

Many people are becoming aware that only Love can dissolve the ‘need’ for fear, but because most are still afraid to embrace ‘The Devil’, they unwittingly create ‘his’ presence in their thought projection. While each person holds the power to let love prevail through their projection, to exercise that power one must remember to stay alert to their thoughts with the intent to consciously choose Love.

Specifically, to the one who is alert, ‘The Devil’ serves to point out one’s own ignorance, and calls attention to whatever judgment is hindering the full expression of Beingness. Bearing witness to one’s own fearful state leads to absolution of the underlying judgment, thus shaking and eventually dissolving the foundation of belief that ‘The Devil’ actually exists.

By appreciating one’s individualized rendition of ‘The Devil’, and embracing ‘him’ without judgment, one can begin to receive and understand the direction of the soul in absolving the fear-inducing thoughts that society has been conditioned to believe.

Each one has the power to use ‘The Devil’ as a tool to serve the soul’s purpose, thereby liberating their self from the polarities of good and evil and finding eternal peace in the ‘Heaven’ that is always HereNow.

Let The Christ Live!

We are that to which we pray. Every thought is a prayer. Every feeling is a request we make unto the Universe that is within us.

Our bodies and egos will die, but the Self that is our true identity is eternal. While we’re here on the physical plane, we have a choice to live as the God in us, or as an unconscious doer of habits.

For those of us who’s awareness has not yet evolved enough to grasp this understanding, following a belief system that requires God to be “out there” can lead us on a path of enlightenment – but egocentric self-importance usually gets in the way.

I see most religious people comparing themselves to God, judging themselves as powerless and sinful – like unworthy beggars for God’s mercy. In this way, they unconsciously make judgment their most common prayer.

Jesus said “judge not lest you be judged”. By judging ourselves as “less than” God, we become fearful of the power within, and instead of being Alive through our lives, we live from the habits of humanity that have been conditioned into the subconscious mind over time.

Many people call themselves disciples of Jesus, but they do not know him because their experience of Christ is only from the mind’s interpretation of the books that were written about him. Christ is a level of consciousness that can only be attained by letting go of the limitations that having a life experience has caused us to believe.

Satan is not a person, but a personification of ego that follows mind and not spirit. We cannot serve two masters. Either we identify with the mind or with the Being we were born to express.

Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God! When the mind is disconnected from God, the ego is led to believe that we can find God by studying things that are of this world.

But God is not found in the material world, and we are not material beings. Our souls are intricately connected and completely unified with the one and only great Being that is existence itself.

We are here to be ourselves! We can make up whatever we want to “believe in”, but if we want to create our lives in glory to God, we will strive to live first and foremost from the fullest expression of the Being within.

In separation, the mind cannot know God, and thus mind becomes the leader of the ego – like the blind leading the blind.  This causes the mind to seek comfort from the material world because it can only identify itself as disconnected from the All.

But each of us is really Alone in that our experience of the world is of our own creation.  Specifically, the cells of our physical bodies are transmitters of the One great Being as a projection of a particular field of awareness (soul) into the life of the world.

Our minds filter that projection with every thought.  The more we align our thoughts with the knowledge of the source within us, the more fully we are expressing the only enduring aspect of ourselves.

Only by seeking the treasure at the core of ourselves can the mind come to know God. When the two become one, we glorify God by using the gift of this life experience to create the Heaven that is our birthright.

When the ego is unified with the Being through unconditional Love, we can come to realize the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke about.

By giving ourselves the eyes to see who we really are, the ego can be married with God and they become One. In this way God is truly glorified because we allow God’s presence in the material world through our physical form.

As we peel away judgment and limitations from the mind, we continue to experience the Light of Christ radiating through us into our lives. And, we recognize it within everyone – no matter how much control they have given over to their minds and egos.

The inner Light does not emanate from the mind, the ego or any part of the material self.  It is the expression that flowers from our allowing the source within us to be preeminent.

When we consistently redirect our thoughts into alignment with our unlimited aspect, the ego becomes a clearer channel for expression of the Christ within. Mind your mind, and let the Christ Live!!

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A Christian Experience

Most religious followers believe that some of their fellow humans are going to a “hell” that is separate from this world.  This creates major conflict in the mind which manifests as conflict in our lives and in the world.

When these self limiting beliefs are confronted with the truth, the followers tend to become fearful and perceive themselves as being victimized by the one exposing that which is limiting them.  Each person has the built-in ability to work through religious fear and self-victimization, but the first step is directing ones own awareness upon the beliefs that are causing them struggle.

Below is a transcript of one of my recent experiences with devout Christians on Facebook.  I have taken out all profile pictures and last names (except mine) in order to protect the identity of those who contributed.

Colin…. If you haven’t committed your life to Christ I strongly recommend it. Not only does it positively impact your eternal destination but it drastically improves your daily life as well. He does not promise to make it easier, per say, but knowing Him and experiencing His grace will help ease your mind, lighten your load and lessen your burden. AMEN!


AMEN!~ xoxo

February 5 at 10:37pm


Amen is right sista. I hope you are doing well; I know the Lord has you on a good path! xoxo

February 5 at 10:50pm


Amen! Amen!

February 5 at 11:29pm



February 6 at 9:36am

Hope Johnson

A stable mind IS an easy life. The idea that we have a heavy load or a burden is only a matter is perspective. It’s good to hear that your perspective is being directed toward peace of mind – which is the birthright of every person. ♥

February 6 at 9:53am ·

Everything is God

God is  within everything and everything is within God – there can be no duality.  Thus religious references to God can be taken as metaphors for the combined universal consciousness; and references to the devil or evil as the workings of the human mind.

All of us are inherently divine, it is only when we identify with the illusion of this time-space reality that our true identity becomes shrouded by mind.

In this regard, when more of us connect to the source of our being and live from our true nature – which is love, joy and knowledge – we will bring about peace aka heaven on Earth.