Energy is our Gift

Our perception of our world is only a reflection of the self we have created out of thought. Perceiving through the eyes of the Divine comes from harmonious alignment with the core of beingness, not from anything outside of ourselves.

When we expect anyone or anything to behave according to our own will, we set conditions for our experience of Joy, thus setting ourselves up for disappointment.  But when we set the focus of our awareness upon that which we already enjoy, without attachment to how it may come or continue to come, the people and circumstance in our world receive an energetic invitation to shift into resonance with our new vibratory offering.

If they are prepared to shift their energy accordingly, our experience of them will change.   If they are not so prepared, they will fall away from our experience, making way for that which harmonizes with our energy of awareness.

However, when we are resistant to certain people, behavior or circumstance, we are resisting particular energetic patterns that reside within our Being.   By resisting any part of the self, our energy is given to reinforce the current that sustains what we are resisting; and we attract more material manifestations of it into our experience.

Acceptance is the key to allowing ourselves to perceive the reflection of our Joyful essence in this lifetime.   Only when Life is accepted in its fullness, does our individualized energy of awareness resound with the highest and deepest Joy/Peace/Love, thus allowing such Divine energy to be our gift for ourselves and for our world.

Speaking of giving, many times we give to “others” because we believe that someone needs our help, and/or we expect something in return.   Depending upon how much time, physical energy, money, fight, etc., we have given, we may create an esteemed self image in the world.

However, the belief that we are needed creates a feeling of obligation, while expecting something in return for our efforts creates attachment to outcomes. Both of these mental attitudes are dissonant to our Divine energy, which cannot be disturbed by anything in the material world.  That dissonance creates emotional disturbance which creates a disturbed perception of reality.

Giving that’s guided by disturbed feelings creates little or nothing of enduring value because it is our energy, not our action that determines the potency of our intent.   The energy that drives our efforts affects our shared reality in a way that cannot be quantified in the material world, and if our energy is disturbed we can only create more disturbance – even if we bring about measurable improvement on the physical/material level.

Conversely, when we direct our thoughts into vibratory harmony with our eternally Joyful essence, we glorify everything even if we do nothing at all. This is because our thoughts are always commanding creation, and when thinking arises from a vantage point that perceives what IS to be what is desired, reality unfolds in energetic harmony with our desires.

Accordingly, the most value anyone can bestow upon their world of form is the focusing of thought energy into harmony with Joy/Love/Peace. In this way, giving springs effortlessly from the abundance of the heart as we garner eternal blessings for our world.

Use what you perceive as the opposite of what you want to inspire your Divine creativity and bestow the gifts that endure forever.

Christ is a Level of Awareness

Jesus was a human who became a Christ because he attained unification with the center (aka God), and therefore he was a knower of all information. This level of awareness is attainable by every human – no one is more special than another.

To live in eternity means to experience life without limits. When we are fully present in the moment of now, without attachment to the past or future, we are living in eternity.

Our individual beings are personalities of the one we call God, and through our experience of eternal life, we create “heaven”.

There is no limit to the Universe or to what we can create. Be true to You and be the conduit for Divine grace.

Love and Divine Blessings to All!

Awareness is the Key to Heaven

Human awareness is the key that unlocks the heavenly reality that is our shared destiny. Through our individual sense of self (personal ego), we determine the extent to which we allow the true essence of our Divine nature to be expressed through our material forms.

The ego is always on the “outside” because it cannot know the inner workings of the Universe through the limitations of mind.  But the “window” to the “inside” world is our experience in the present moment – which is a direct reflection of the belief patterns that are creating our reality.

Everything in existence is created and sustained by the Life Force Energy that is existence itself. Existence takes no sides – it simply creates according to all thought that has come before. All thought for the specific creation of our shared reality here on Earth is projected through the ego – which is the thinking process that transcends all time and is shared by all of humanity.

Because the ego does not know the real Self, it is afraid of being “wrong”. Thus the ego projects a false sense of fear that prevents us from questioning our deeply held beliefs.  In this way, the majority of humans unconsciously follow the same habitual mental patterns that have been created by those who have come before.

The mind is very convincing, but the true Self is infinitely more powerful than its creation.  Through our awareness in the present moment, we can give ourselves the ability to see and understand which thought patterns are resisting the heavenly world that is our shared destiny – and redirect them.

Specifically, when we notice anything we do not like, the one to forgive is ego for creating and repeating disturbing thought patterns. Total responsibility and self forgiveness releases resistance to what has already been created – thereby allowing us to create something new.

As we forgive our dissonant thought patterns, we can project new thoughts that are independent of those we have been habitually following. Through regular attention and practice, we can develop new habits of thought that serve our shared purpose.

Every one of us can make a difference for this and future lifetimes.  Let’s direct the Light of our awareness to dissolve our limitations and create a peaceful reality Now.

What is Truth?

Many people following religious belief systems live in fear of being deceived by people who hold truths that are different from what they have been taught, or what their group believes.  Here is a rather lengthy, but interesting discussion I had with some devout Christians on this subject:

Colin Warning: half-truths are still whole lies.

February 20 at 5:10pm


True dat!

February 20 at 5:18pm


So true!

February 20 at 5:29pm

Hope Johnson

Thank you for posting such a rich topic for discussion!

Both truth and untruth are only perceptions of the mind. But our spirit is not of the mind – our spirit is unified with the Divine at a level where mind does not exist.

Through our minds we can become so attached to OUR truth that we fear truth from another perspective. But when we are consolidated with our own truth, we can accept all others because understanding one another cannot harm or distort our truth

Conversely, when we have adopted the truth of another person or group, our truth is a fragile belief – not truth of understanding. This is the basis of fear, and fear is the ultimate illusion.

February 21 at 10:29am ·

A Christian Experience

Most religious followers believe that some of their fellow humans are going to a “hell” that is separate from this world.  This creates major conflict in the mind which manifests as conflict in our lives and in the world.

When these self limiting beliefs are confronted with the truth, the followers tend to become fearful and perceive themselves as being victimized by the one exposing that which is limiting them.  Each person has the built-in ability to work through religious fear and self-victimization, but the first step is directing ones own awareness upon the beliefs that are causing them struggle.

Below is a transcript of one of my recent experiences with devout Christians on Facebook.  I have taken out all profile pictures and last names (except mine) in order to protect the identity of those who contributed.

Colin…. If you haven’t committed your life to Christ I strongly recommend it. Not only does it positively impact your eternal destination but it drastically improves your daily life as well. He does not promise to make it easier, per say, but knowing Him and experiencing His grace will help ease your mind, lighten your load and lessen your burden. AMEN!


AMEN!~ xoxo

February 5 at 10:37pm


Amen is right sista. I hope you are doing well; I know the Lord has you on a good path! xoxo

February 5 at 10:50pm


Amen! Amen!

February 5 at 11:29pm



February 6 at 9:36am

Hope Johnson

A stable mind IS an easy life. The idea that we have a heavy load or a burden is only a matter is perspective. It’s good to hear that your perspective is being directed toward peace of mind – which is the birthright of every person. ♥

February 6 at 9:53am ·

Everything is God

God is  within everything and everything is within God – there can be no duality.  Thus religious references to God can be taken as metaphors for the combined universal consciousness; and references to the devil or evil as the workings of the human mind.

All of us are inherently divine, it is only when we identify with the illusion of this time-space reality that our true identity becomes shrouded by mind.

In this regard, when more of us connect to the source of our being and live from our true nature – which is love, joy and knowledge – we will bring about peace aka heaven on Earth.