Opposed in Thought, Created in Form

It’s all made of thought.  Nothing can manifest without having been repeatedly represented in thought.

For or against makes no difference.  It’s what one thinks ABOUT that has creative power in this time-space reality. In this way, the most fervent opponent…

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Beyond Illusion

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Jesus is a being in existence who had a life experience, while God is existence itself. Just like all people, Jesus was…

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Let The Christ Live!

By giving ourselves the eyes to see who we really are, the ego can be married with God and they become One. In this way God is truly glorified because we allow God's presence in the material world through our physical form.

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Ego Purpose

While we are identified with the ego self, our shadows or skeletons are harmful to the physical and emotional body, and are best kept out of our awareness.

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What is Truth?

Through our minds we can become so attached to OUR truth that we fear truth from another perspective.

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Everything is God

Religious references to God can be taken as metaphors for the combined universal consciousness; and references to the devil or evil as the workings of the human mind.

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