Opposed in Thought, Created in Form

It’s all made of thought.  Nothing can manifest without having been repeatedly represented in thought.

For or against makes no difference.  It’s what one thinks ABOUT that has creative power in this time-space reality. In this way, the most fervent opponent of war supports war just as much or more than the most fervent proponent of war.

All thought is projected through the thinking process known as Ego, ‘whose’ existential foundation is the energy of separation aka fear. Everything perceived contains its opposite, and Ego uses mental calculations to position the self on whatever side least contradicts one’s own held judgment.

As such, egoic mind constantly grips to thought that says the perceiver must mentally choose one side over the other to validate their identity, and the emotion attached to those thoughts can make the perceived need to choose very convincing.

However, because the foundation of ego is belief in separation (which is illusion), ego cannot calculate the truth that no matter what position is taken, it’s opposite is also resisted. In that resistance, one unwittingly gives their energy of awareness to create more of what they do not want.

Nevertheless, one can only be convinced to take up sides while they are believing in duality – which is ignorance because in reality nothing is separate. Fortunately, even the most profound ignorance is immediately transformed to infinite wisdom in the moment one allows stillness of thought – not because anything was done, but because all sides have been recognized as equally Divine expressions, and thus the perceived need to choose one over the other becomes irrelevant.

Peace is HereNow! Have a taste for yourself in the silence between thought, and infuse your heart, mind, life and world with the Peaceful presence that knows no adversary.



Beyond Illusion

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Jesus is a being in existence who had a life experience, while God is existence itself. Just like all people, Jesus was both human and being. Our human aspect is created and sustained by God, while our being aspect is God’s presence. Without both aspects, there could be no life experience.

God is the same one who creates, sustains and observes the experience of everything in creation. Everything that is not human is perfectly comfortable being unified with existence, but the human ego is so attached to the physical/material self that as soon as our minds develop beyond infancy, we have great difficulty seeing ourselves as anything but separate from God, each other and everything else.

The entire material world exists in our perception. Our material self aka ego determines which experiences we will have based upon the thought energy we project, while our spiritual aspect observes and orchestrates the events and circumstances of our life for the highest and best interest of our being (which is not separate from existence).

Notice that according to the Christian belief system, Jesus is God. Thus seeing Jesus in anyone would be the same as seeing God in them. Even this belief makes it plain that our inner essence is God – but the manipulative mind keeps us so bound to delusion that we cannot see the true reality even when it is in plain sight.

It is this delusion that is the cause of all conflict amongst humans and between humans and other aspects of nature.

Jesus was a human who allowed his inner essence to be expressed more fully than most humans allow, because he developed his inner vision to see beyond mental illusion. In order for Jesus followers to get beyond mental illusion, they must go beyond what they know of Jesus and access their inner essence.  I’m sure Jesus was a great guy, but to follow him is really only following a mental concept of him – which is illusion, and we remain bound to illusion as long as we limit ourselves in this manner.

As long as we keep ourselves bound to the illusion of separation, our egos continue to project for what we consider “punishment” for our shared reality – while our spiritual aspect Joyfully creates the manifestation of whatever the ego projects. However, when we achieve the level of awareness whereby the ego recognizes our spiritual aspect (aka Godliness aka God essence) as our guiding Light, we are able to see and understand the mental patterns that create blessings – and send our thought energy there to create Heaven.

Until such time, religious believers and non-believers alike will continue to hate what the ego has created while projecting for more hateful manifestations in the world.

It takes great courage to be who we really are, but the benefits speak for themselves and they become readily apparent in our lives. Allow the real You to have presence in your life, and command creation accordingly.

Let The Christ Live!

We are that to which we pray. Every thought is a prayer. Every feeling is a request we make unto the Universe that is within us.

Our bodies and egos will die, but the Self that is our true identity is eternal. While we’re here on the physical plane, we have a choice to live as the God in us, or as an unconscious doer of habits.

For those of us who’s awareness has not yet evolved enough to grasp this understanding, following a belief system that requires God to be “out there” can lead us on a path of enlightenment – but egocentric self-importance usually gets in the way.

I see most religious people comparing themselves to God, judging themselves as powerless and sinful – like unworthy beggars for God’s mercy. In this way, they unconsciously make judgment their most common prayer.

Jesus said “judge not lest you be judged”. By judging ourselves as “less than” God, we become fearful of the power within, and instead of being Alive through our lives, we live from the habits of humanity that have been conditioned into the subconscious mind over time.

Many people call themselves disciples of Jesus, but they do not know him because their experience of Christ is only from the mind’s interpretation of the books that were written about him. Christ is a level of consciousness that can only be attained by letting go of the limitations that having a life experience has caused us to believe.

Satan is not a person, but a personification of ego that follows mind and not spirit. We cannot serve two masters. Either we identify with the mind or with the Being we were born to express.

Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God! When the mind is disconnected from God, the ego is led to believe that we can find God by studying things that are of this world.

But God is not found in the material world, and we are not material beings. Our souls are intricately connected and completely unified with the one and only great Being that is existence itself.

We are here to be ourselves! We can make up whatever we want to “believe in”, but if we want to create our lives in glory to God, we will strive to live first and foremost from the fullest expression of the Being within.

In separation, the mind cannot know God, and thus mind becomes the leader of the ego – like the blind leading the blind.  This causes the mind to seek comfort from the material world because it can only identify itself as disconnected from the All.

But each of us is really Alone in that our experience of the world is of our own creation.  Specifically, the cells of our physical bodies are transmitters of the One great Being as a projection of a particular field of awareness (soul) into the life of the world.

Our minds filter that projection with every thought.  The more we align our thoughts with the knowledge of the source within us, the more fully we are expressing the only enduring aspect of ourselves.

Only by seeking the treasure at the core of ourselves can the mind come to know God. When the two become one, we glorify God by using the gift of this life experience to create the Heaven that is our birthright.

When the ego is unified with the Being through unconditional Love, we can come to realize the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus spoke about.

By giving ourselves the eyes to see who we really are, the ego can be married with God and they become One. In this way God is truly glorified because we allow God’s presence in the material world through our physical form.

As we peel away judgment and limitations from the mind, we continue to experience the Light of Christ radiating through us into our lives. And, we recognize it within everyone – no matter how much control they have given over to their minds and egos.

The inner Light does not emanate from the mind, the ego or any part of the material self.  It is the expression that flowers from our allowing the source within us to be preeminent.

When we consistently redirect our thoughts into alignment with our unlimited aspect, the ego becomes a clearer channel for expression of the Christ within. Mind your mind, and let the Christ Live!!

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Ego Purpose

The ego’s purpose is to provide our unique field of awareness with a sense of individuality and separation in order to make a life experience possible. The ego is programmed to protect our individual self from suffering, and thus it buries anything that is potentially painful to look upon.

While we are identified with the ego self, our shadows or skeletons are harmful to the physical and emotional body, and are best kept out of our awareness. Eventually though, they tend to become so powerful that the ego is no longer able to contain what has been hidden, and our phantoms manifest as extreme emotion or physical dis-ease.

However, when we observe what has been hidden from the perspective of our conscious Being (not ego identification), any suffering is only superficial and temporal as that which has been exposed is gracefully released. In this way, we create more energy, clarity, and an enhanced life experience.

We’re never given more of a challenge than we’re ready for – it’s just a matter of re-centering and staying focused on calm consciousness during times of perceived crisis.

The most difficult moments come from self judgment or fear of the unknown. Remember you have done nothing wrong and the Universe is always focused on guidance toward your highest benefit.

As we continue on the path of awakening to the true Self, we are able to understand more of what is being revealed, and thus we notice spontaneous insight occurring more often. While there are still peaks and valleys with respect to the difficulty of our challenges, they progressively get easier as the benefits become even more rewarding.

What is Truth?

Many people following religious belief systems live in fear of being deceived by people who hold truths that are different from what they have been taught, or what their group believes.  Here is a rather lengthy, but interesting discussion I had with some devout Christians on this subject:

Colin Warning: half-truths are still whole lies.

February 20 at 5:10pm


True dat!

February 20 at 5:18pm


So true!

February 20 at 5:29pm

Hope Johnson

Thank you for posting such a rich topic for discussion!

Both truth and untruth are only perceptions of the mind. But our spirit is not of the mind – our spirit is unified with the Divine at a level where mind does not exist.

Through our minds we can become so attached to OUR truth that we fear truth from another perspective. But when we are consolidated with our own truth, we can accept all others because understanding one another cannot harm or distort our truth

Conversely, when we have adopted the truth of another person or group, our truth is a fragile belief – not truth of understanding. This is the basis of fear, and fear is the ultimate illusion.

February 21 at 10:29am ·

Everything is God

God is  within everything and everything is within God – there can be no duality.  Thus religious references to God can be taken as metaphors for the combined universal consciousness; and references to the devil or evil as the workings of the human mind.

All of us are inherently divine, it is only when we identify with the illusion of this time-space reality that our true identity becomes shrouded by mind.

In this regard, when more of us connect to the source of our being and live from our true nature – which is love, joy and knowledge – we will bring about peace aka heaven on Earth.